1. Johnerz

    E250 Coupe 2010 iPod issue

    Hi After much hassle I finally found the correct cables to connect my new iPod to my car and effectively use it as a HDD for the car. It was working well until the system started freezing, I can look through a play list it displays on the screen then it just freezes for up to 5 mins...
  2. Johnerz

    iPod issue + Command update (2010 E250)

    Hi I have a 2010 E250 CDI coupe, for music I have a new iPod connected by the cable in the glove compartment. This was working fine until yesterday when the iPod decided to stop work and show the message incompatible when I connected it. I brought the car in March and once I got the...
  3. Bereavement

    W164 ICE, iPod & Blue tooth

    Hi, I have just taken had taken out of my 2005 W164 the Audio 20 stereo, iPod adapter and Bluetooth adapter.... Would they be of interest on here before they go on eBay? Audio20 MF2510 inc owners manual genuine Ipod adapter B6 782 42 52 inc owner manual genuine Blue tooth B6 787 58 77...
  4. jon.english68

    i-pod help please

    Hi Guys, I have a 2012 C204 with Audio 20, being a Coupe its the face lift model with the Aux-in and USB port in the centre console, I also have an I-pod Nano 5 and I understand that I can get a USB lead to fit my I-pod so I can control it from the stereo could some one point me in the...
  5. X

    W204 C63 Ipod / Iphone interface

    Guys i've done a bit of searching but needing a bit of clarification. I have a 2008 W204 C63 and i'm wanting an Ipod / Iphone interface for it as unfortunately it did not come with it. I was looking at the below kit, is this plug and play and genuine MB? No tapping into + / switched + ect...
  6. mpc

    Which iPod Media Cable?

    Hi, newbie here I recently bought a 2011 plate C250 Cdi BlueEFFICIENCY Sport Edition 125 7G-Tronic with the 12 button steering wheel for command module. I want to get the iPod module cable that goes in the centre console but don't know which one I need. I have tried one that had the...
  7. T

    iPod 30pin to bluetooth receivers - anyone used?

    Hi All Was just wondering if anyones tried or had any luck with the variety of cheap bluetooth receivers that convert your 30pin iPod connector to receive bluetooth? I have a 2011 W212 with the Audio 50 interface, at the moment i've got an old iPod permanently connected but i've seen devices...
  8. T

    Replace iPod kit

    Hello and apologies if this has already been asked..I'm new :dk: I have an iPod kit Installed in my glove box of my 2006 a class . I would like to change it to a Jack or sub. Can you tell me if this can be done easily and would I get music out through my stereo ? Or have I got to replace my...
  9. M

    Genuine Mercedes iPod kit for W204/W212/W207

    Selling as I've sold the car. Only been used for about two months Genuine Mercedes iPod kit - fitted in about an hour. Allows you to use your iPod with the steering wheels on your car. Track, playlist and other information is displayed on the instrument cluster display. The iPod is fitted...
  10. R

    Is Ipod too old technology now ?

    I cannot connect my IPOD to the in car entertainment system of my 2013 E350 which I have just bought. The title/track information will appear on the ICE screen but will not play. The connection then breaks off and I get " device not connected ". Any help would be appreciated.
  11. M

    Connecting an iPod Touch 6..help

    HI I have a w204 2013 car with the Media Interface without the original cable. I am trying to connect an iPod Touch 6 for Spotify. Advice sought, what cable and adapter do I need? My understanding is a 30 pin adapter and the right cable will do it. Can anyone advice on the correct...
  12. R

    iPod plug

    The plug that plugs into my iPod in the centre consul has broken is it possible to buy the lead? It was working fine I just need I new lead
  13. J

    IPOD connection CLA45

    Just purchased a 2014 CLA45 and have an issue with the USB port when I plug in my iPod it says USB not readable , tried to connect iPod to a c-class 2015 and it works, garage is looking into it but just wondered if my car model/age isn't compatible with apple iPods can anyone advise, thanks !
  14. G

    Retrofit media interface - iPod

    Another day, another problem/question. So, my B-Class W246 (2012) doesn't seem to have the media interface installed. The only audio connections to the Audio 20 stereo is either via Bluetooth streaming, USB drive or good old 3.5mm connector in the arm rest. I did want to control my...
  15. S

    Mercedes Benz iPod Interface Kit CLK (and others) B67824204

    Hi all, I've got the iPod Interface kit which I purchased for my CLK and removed when I sold the car. I owned it from new, and can't remember the exact price I paid but it was a helluva lot I think circa £200. I'm open to offers, but I was hoping for about £100. This is the full kit...
  16. D

    iPod connection

    Evening all, I bought a 2010 C63 a couple of weeks ago and love it. Things I've found out. The Sat Nav is useless, and dispite looking for it I can not find any disc to change for an updated version. But I can live without using that for a while, I have looked for the AUX port, this does not...
  17. J

    Mercedes iPod interface amplifier A204 870 3994

    Mercedes iPod interface amplifier part number A204 870 3994. Used for a short while but no longer needed. Works perfectly. I used this in my w211 that had an iPod interface fitted in glovebox. The iPod sounded quieter than other sources and this amplifier boosts sound level inline with no...
  18. E

    W204 facelift and the Ipod!!!

    I had a 2010 C63 with all the trimmings and my ipod worked just fine with the MB Interface cable. I then bought a 2014 A45 and with the same cable the Ipod it also functioned 100%. Now i have a 2012 W204 C63 with all the same trimmings as the first and the Ipod is no longer recognised by the...
  19. Norte23

    iPod interface query

    Spoke to the dealers today about supplying me with an iPod interface kit for my car. Tried to get a part number off him but he was very sheepish about giving anything away. If I bought the module elsewhere like on eBay would the dealer be the only way to code it? & there are so many different...
  20. M

    iPod connectivity issue

    Morning, I have just taken delivery of a 2014 C250 Premium plus To my amazement my iPod classic (circa 2006 model) isn't recognized despite using the media interface cable. This worked flawlessly on my 2010 BMW 320. Have had a search and there does appear to be other people with similar...
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