1. mykaitch

    Ipods artwork and crap mb interface

    Hi. Some of you may have followed my odd posts since I bought my C180 3 years ago. Never one to give up I have finally solved the problem of missing artwork -- and it was in front of my eyes the whole time. So, use a USB stick and you get all the artwork. Read it in and then use the ipod and you...
  2. C

    ipods and Audio 20

    I've got an ipod with 25,000 songs on it connected to the Audio 20 unit in my W205. I've also got a partitioned USB Hard Drive connected with the same 25,000 songs. Searching for an Artist or Album is easy on the Hard Drive because on the search screen there is a column on the right hand side of...
  3. mykaitch

    Mercedes and iPods

    In case you haven't seen my past posts here is a brief summary... New C class April 2013. I specified MUST have full ipod control. Arrived with Audio20. iPod useless. Demanded display as in handbook for iPod.:fail Two weeks later told I had to have media interface. For that I must have 6 CD...
  4. chrisjfinlay

    W221 and iPods, Windows Phone and PCMCIA

    Hey guys, first off - hello! I recently drove home an 09 s320 cdi, and it's a lovely motor, but I could use some assistance on the entertainment front. I have the aux port (audio l/r & video) in the glove box, and the phone prewiring kit (central storage compartment has that small connector...
  5. V

    My Ipods taken over the Comand System!!

    Am I being stupid & missed something? I have 2013 B Class with a Comand system.. I have attached my ipod using the supplied MB interface cable & all worked well for at least 6 weeks. Suddenly for no apparent reason the following things happen.. I will be listening to the Radio and...
  6. mykaitch

    iPods, Artwork (not showing) etc..

    I have been fighting MB since I bought my car in April. The result of that battle is that I now can see all the artwork from my iPod on my MB screen. This is a very shortened story of the problems that I faced along the way. If you have bought a new Merc this year and you specified ‘Media...
  7. mykaitch

    iPods, the REAL answers

    I'll try to keep this short (it isn't). Bought new C180 in April, said it must work an ipod with all functions. It didn't.:( Told I needed a media interface. Okay I said.:o Ah, you need a 6CD changer Audio 20 for that because the media inteface does not work with the standard Audio 20.:fail Ok I...
  8. Darrell

    Other peoples I-Pods

    Is there a way to down load my guests I-Pod music into my I-Tunes?
  9. Howard

    Ipods and Windows 7

    Hi all Going to buy Mrs Toad an Ipod Nano for her birthday , but see that it only supports XP or Vista. We have Windows 7 on our machines now , is there some way around this ? are they planning on offering an Ipod Nano with W7 support ? Thanks in advance
  10. R

    Charging new iPods on old MB iPod kits.

    As you probably know the iPod kits designed a couple of years ago (i.e those in pre MY2009 A/B/C/CLK/ML/GL/R E/CLS and probably others) won't charge the latest iPods (nano 4G onward, iPhone 3G onward, ipod Touch ? onward as they use 5V and not 12V. MB now have a fix ! Its a new lead from...
  11. High-Lo

    Cheap MB IPODS from MB Wolverhampton

    Here they are again from MB Wolverhampton and they are much cheaper than others. I've just won and paid for an 8GB Nano :) Last time they were listed they all went in under a day. Be aware that the iTouch will be released at the end of this month though. Hope this one gets to me after my...
  12. R

    Two iPods, one music collection. Possible?

    Seasons greetings all. Rose Chick got an iPod for Christmas (80gb video - tasty). I already have an iPod and sync it from my PC. My iTunes music library is located on a network share on my NAS device. If I was to set up iTunes on her PC and make its music library my music library (on the...
  13. G

    MP3 / Ipods in a Merc?

    Hi Folks Does anyone know whether the standard cd player in a W211 E Class can cope with MP3's on a cd? I think it has cd text, can any owners confirm? Also, is there any standard or optional input to connect an Ipod or similar? I'm guessing the only way to do this will be through one of...
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