1. brucemillar

    Ipswich ???

    Folks Mahoosive IDIOT ALERT here!!! I just bought a Dog Guard for my BMW X5. What could go wrong? Well I did it whilst distracted and having bought it I see it is listed as 'collection in person'. Does anybody live in or near Ipswich who could collect and head South with it? I am at Benz...
  2. flango

    Restaurant Ipswich or Felixstowe

    I'm looking for a recommendation for a restaurant midweek in the above locations. Business dinner so needs to be mid range, of quality and quiet enough to have a discussion. I've consulted with Dr Google and Trip advisor and still no wiser, so wondered if anyone has a personal...
  3. B

    Hi from Ipswich!

    Hi. Just joined the forum, got plenty of reading material to get on with. :thumb: Next car is probably going to be a merc so thought I'd say hello. Look forward to learning more about the brand and the members here. Will be posting a question re 1997 C250 in the general section...
  4. merc85

    Chip Tuners Ipswich??

    Anyone used these people? see they have done a few c63's Specialists in ECU remapping, diesel tuning and all your chip tuning needs. Considering them as they are quite local to me
  5. ricardo62

    any guys near ipswich can replace my o rings

    hi a long shot but is there any diy mechanics handy with a spanner that if I pay them are able to replace the leaking o ring on my fuel line ?? its the 1 coming out of the lhs of fuel pump
  6. B

    LowCollective German Car Meet Held Monthly: Ipswich

    Morning all We hold a monthly German car meet in Ipswich. It's based at the Orwell Truck Stop, A14, Ipswich, IP10 0DD. It's open to all German vehicles and associated models (eg mini, seat etc) We have a great venue with hot food available as well as a bar. It's held on smooth concrete...
  7. Swiss Toni

    A533hpv - 230ce - Ipswich?

    Bit of a long-shot, but worth a try.... Anyone know of a 230CE, registered A533HPV, I believe still residing with the original owner, in the Ipswich (?) area. The car is advertised for sale on a site that charges a hefty fee to connect buyer and seller, and I am a fan of the free market...
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