1. Storminnorm

    Another New Member From Cork

    Hi All, Just picked up an SLK280 which is my first Mercedes, needs a bit of work but I'm looking forward to getting it on the road. Will obviously have more questions than answers at this stage, but maybe down the line I will be able to offer some answers too. Anyway, thanks for letting me join.
  2. F

    New member from Ireland

    Hi guys. Looking here with a while but just recently signed up. Based in county cork in Ireland and recently purchased a 2005 cls55 AMG from the uk as they are very hard got over here. My first Mercedes, previous car was an e60 m5 but that doesn't compare power wise to the AMG. Dyno print out of...
  3. V

    Camber/caster out and where to fix it in Dublin area

    Hi guys 1st post here, hello. I´m experiencing the well known exaggerated pulling left in a used 2003 CLK I bought 3 months ago and I don´t know where to find help. Im in Dublin area. wheel aligment is out of range for caster camber currently in front left wheel. I visited several...
  4. A

    Hello from west coast of Ireland

    Hi I have Maintained a few Mercs. over the years. A couple of 230e w123s a 2.0 w201 and a w124 250D. At the moment I am restoring my 1972 w114 coupe which was my daily driver for about 8 years. It has an OM602 diesel fitted from a w124. (apologies to the purists!) My daily driver is now a...
  5. EDDIE12

    Northern ireland wheel alignment

    Hi, can any Northern Ireland members recommend a good garage that can carry out a full wheel alignment on a facelift C63? Had a quote from Mercedes Benz Belfast @ a cost off £240.00. Would appreciate any feedback :thumb:
  6. A

    Dedicated AMG centre in Ireland

    Since the beginning of this month we now have a dedicated team for AMG based in Ireland. Firstly I think Mercedes Benz have a very poor customer service based on my limited experience. It's shocking and I wouldn't buy another Mercedes on he back if it, nor would I recommended them. The...
  7. L

    Hola from Ireland

    Hi all, purchased an E350 CDI about 8 months ago with 101k on the clock. My first Merc after wanting one for years. Let's say I like the car but was not initially over-whelmed. I feel my previous 2009 Honda Accord was better ergonomically and more reliable. I have already changed an inlet...
  8. R

    Car insurance...Northern Ireland

    Members in NI...who do you use for your insurance?
  9. ringway

    UFO Caught on Camera in Ireland.

    Police follow UFO hovering above streets in Ireland. 8dwvWPmxzpA
  10. T

    New from Ireland

    Hi Im new to this forum and have a R170 SLK which I love, great car. I live on the west coast of Ireland so I have unlimited scenic coastal roads for driving and mostly nice and quiet. Im currently trying to figure out whic obd scanner suits my needs best as I do most of my own...
  11. tommyboy40

    New Member Ireland

    Hi all, been lurking for ages but only now posting. I have 4 Mercs in various stages of restoration and I'm sure you'll see them all on here at some stage
  12. ShaunB

    Northern Ireland members

    Guys Do any of you local guys know much about Creevy Autos NI? Seen them mentioned on a thread a long time ago, just wondering if they're still good with Mercs. Cheers Shaun
  13. E

    Imports from Northern Ireland?

    As it says, really. Is there any problem, other than physically getting the car here? I presume not, but one never knows,,,
  14. G

    18" Sport AMG sport wheels with Continentail tyres (Northern Ireland)

    Taken from my 2011 C Class. These wheels are the AMG Sport wheels which are silver with a diamond cut face. The wheels are mint - no kerb marks or corrosion and are all completely straight - no buckles or damage whatsoever. You will do well to find a set of these in better condition...
  15. flango

    Northern Ireland GTG?

    Looks like I will be heading over the Irish Sea shortly to County Down. Not sure when yet it will either be before 19th January or early February. I was just wondering if we could get a GTG in or get a few of us together for a bite to eat and a pint. My usual haunt is the Holiday Inn in...
  16. IrishClaS

    Hello from Ireland!

    Hi there, Glad I found this form as all I found were forums looking for money to join, not that is is an issue, but some of the forums were a little bit 'exclusive', for my liking! Anyway, I just bought a 2007 CLS320, full service history with 55,000 miles on it. I also have a Maserati ...
  17. M

    W124 specialist in Northern Ireland?

    Hi guys, Anyone out there know of a Mercedes Specialist in Northern Ireland, I know of a few outside Dublin, but too far for me for a service or work. Anywhere around the border area would be great, Thanks
  18. def90cars

    United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

    Well done to all who voted - 85% turn out!! Personally I am happy.
  19. mat8n

    South West Ireland

    I'm taking the SL and the wife down to killarney next month for 5 days, mooching around and about the area. I've done the ring of kerry before, any other must sees in the area? Or any nice roads? We're planning on doing the ring one day, dingle another then open to whatever the rest of the...
  20. brens-e200

    Ireland Mercedes Owners GTG sat 23-aug-2014

    Only 8 days to this. We will be meeting at the Maldron Hotel Portlaoise on Saturday the 23rd of August at 12pm (just off the motorway). We have organised a carvery which will start in the hotel from 1230pm. Afterwords we will be taking a spin up the Slieve Bloom mountains and stop for some...
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