1. MOR8A

    Most irritating quotes from car adverts?

    Thought this might be an intersting topic for venting and laughs. So the first one that springs to mind for me is ''Drives excellent'' WTF is that meant to mean? All you are doing is pointing out you are a total retard, why would I even pick up the phone to you let alone come and see your...
  2. Sp!ke

    In the dog house - again

    The Smart Navigation system has a speed limit setting. So the other day I set it so that if you went 5mph over the speed limit, the radio would mute and at high volume it would shout "PLEASE MIND THE SPEED LIMIT" The following day she had a 250 mile drive. :devil::devil::devil:
  3. A

    Seriously irritating problem here..

    Trying to be the bloody DIY mechanic that I make myself out to be, I managed to get myself into a pickle. Honda Jazz, trying to remove the final security bolt that secures the airbag on the steering wheel and i managed to damage the head bad enough that it will no longer turn. The bolt in its...
  4. SimonsMerc

    Irritating squeal

    Hey folks, For a long time now, I've had a really irritating 'squealing stutter' sound when my car is at a standstil with the engine running at idle. This sound disappears if I touch the gas even lightly, or if I turn the steering wheel just slightly off its rest position in either...
  5. B

    Irritating Problems W211 E320CDI estate

    Need some advice really my car had a number of irritating problems, history sort of goes like this:- collected car from stuttgart in march under personal collection scheme - highly recommended returned car to dealer for PDI 5 days later on collection, one of the tailgate gas struts had...
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