1. C

    New ish - looong time lurker!

    Hi guys, Used to have a old C230 - hence being a new member for nearly 10 years! Been looking at the merits of the Jag SV8, S6 and of course E55. The later is certainly the preferred choice. Any other ideas that might fit the bill - I have an optimistic budget of around 8k, fortunately...
  2. S

    New (ish)

    Registered a while back but this is my first post. Had a 2013 E250 Estate from new, though that's already gone back to Mercedes back in September. Have been tempted by many of the cars in the classifieds though I can't reply or PM! Thought I'd better get my post count going. Mainly...
  3. L

    Central London (ish) Indy for my 88 300CE ?

    Just needs a little tune/checkover maybe... Gearbox Modulator upgrade? Thanks in advance..
  4. merc85

    engine wiring 1993 ish??

    Ok peeps what years did the Wiring loom issues appear with w140 / r129's ?
  5. c63k

    New (Ish) C63

    Hello, Lee here! Username changed to reflect new ownership. You may remember me from such threads as "why can't I find a C63", and "why can I still not find a C63." ;-) Very excited to say that I finally picked up a C63 in the specification that I've been lusting after for what feels like...
  6. A

    C250TD W202 not starting - ish?

    Hello My Mercedes C250TD was running sweet....on tuesday evening it ran a bit low on fuel - the light was on. On Wednesday it wouldnt start in the morning, it would try to turn over but nothing I got hold of a can of easy start. I sprayed for about a second in the air box and car burst into...
  7. A

    Best 42" (ish) "SMART" TV is??

    As our TV is having a variety of temperamental breakdowns I've just started looking for a new TV. Now I have a headache! So what do I want? (need) 42" probably. Smart TV. This looks useful to have and I think it would get used. I won't list pieces I've read but what would you buy and...
  8. Haris

    Headunits/Stereos mostly retro ish

    Pioneer DEH1800R Specs & Details here - DEH-1800R 45W CD RDS Tuner - Pioneer Car Stereo, Radio £25 Posted Pioneer KEH-M9500 RDS Cassette deck with CD controls. Awesome retro stereo, comes with original remote control. Small crack on the back of the flip down bit, and surround...
  9. goodpw

    SL500 (R230) 2002 For Sale (ish)

    Hi All. Just testing the water really, I'm still not convinced about selling the SL but fancy a change. I'm looking for £8500 for her. Here are the details... Current owner since 14/01/2012 Mercedes SL500 (R230) 1st registered 15/08/2002 M113 V8, 5 Litre, Petrol, 300BHP 5...
  10. R

    New.. ish C350 CDI - Winter Contis TS830P or TS850

    Hi folks, My first post here having just picked up a 4-month old C350 CDI Sport Plus Estate in Tenorite Grey, with the 18" Black/Silver faced AMGs. I've had winter tyres on my last car and found them hugely impressive when occasioning out in the winter months with work, not only the snow...
  11. BaldGuy

    Had it 3 weeks ish and 1st trip to Dealer....

    If this is the sign of things to come, this car wont be around for long with me.... I'm really not impressed that a 5 year old car with 23k miles and full Mercedes Service history should need a new rear Air Suspension/shock absorber strut. So £1600 later and both rear struts replaced (as...
  12. jonnyboy

    decent ish mobile phone?

    Hi all Not entitled to upgrade anytime soon. Am transferring from one number to another and happy to continue using my Bberry Bold 9700 as my main phone. Need to carry 2nd phone for six/twelve month crossover period with sim card for old number. Looking for something with long battery life...
  13. bingo999

    C or E class?? £10k ish

    i know i have only owned the s class a month but im thinking ahead and a 5,0 petrol isnt the most sensible of cars, i like all the toys bells and whistles on it and im thinking of getting rid of both my cars in 12 months and get another mercedes, i like the idea of a saloon but was wondering for...
  14. Godot

    Strange ish Hotels

    Another 10 Even Crazier Hotels -
  15. lynall

    1906 ish series 2

    Mega powerful 2 litre n/a diesel:D Picked up today, drove home a treat, crap pic will take some better ones in daylight. Apparently early series 2 with the diesel engine is very rare. I liked it as its far from mint but all geniune patina i suppose is the correct term. Needs a little bit of...
  16. S

    W210 320 V6 Petrol will not rev above 3000 ish

    Hi Chaps Looks like i'm in limp home "ish" mode? Symptoms are:- wont rev above 3000 just like a limiter, car works fine below 3000revs and I'm still getting about 11km/litre on a run so i am guessing my MAF is ok? I have another one i can swap in. Where is the air temp sensor? could...
  17. darrellr

    iPod kit works ... ish

    I got my W209 CLK on the 1st (59 plate :p ) and added the iPod kit, Parrot CK310 and Parrot Multican. The iPod works and I can skip forward and back with track names displayed on the dash. The Parrot works - Multican lights up green and the parrot powers up and 'goodbyes' with the ignition...
  18. bpsorrel

    Specialists in Harpenden (ish) area?

    Now my 3 year waranty is up, I don't want to use MB dealers if I can avoid it! Anyone know a good, reliable, affordable MB specialist in the Harpenden, Luton, Dunstable general area? I have a brilliant Saab specialist just a couple of miles away for my 93 Convertible, but have yet to find a...
  19. jonnyboy

    cheap (ish) classic?

    may get shot down in flames cos after all we are an MB thread, but I suspect there are quite a few here who are not quite one-marque. If you'd done say, five older cars a resto's, eg late 70's/80s all MB, and fancied a new project, but wanted to keep your options open, ie MB first choice...
  20. S

    New (ish) person

    Hi folks,my name is Darrell and I last used this forum about 7 months ago before I moved out to Skiathos in Greece.I have a 1997 W202 that Ian Walker sorted out for me before I drove the car from the UK to where I am now. I am happy to report that the car is running very,very well and is...
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