1. brucemillar

    Isle of Sheppey comes under attack.

    You need to scroll down to the bottom of the article and read the comments. Medway: Salute to the '40s at Chatham Historic Dockyard brings vintage festival fun to town
  2. M

    Hello From the Isle of Wight

    Hello Everyone, I am new here and a first time Mercedes owner having recently purchased a 2002, W209 clk 320 in black which is surprisingly rust free. I have been lurking around these forums and decided to join up as I feel that the help, support and camaraderie would add to the experience...
  3. V

    Isle of Man short video

    Had a trip to the Isle of Man this week, put a go pro on the boot of my SL :D
  4. W

    Newbie from the Isle of Wight

    Hello all, I have just bought my first Mercedes a 2006 CLK320 Coupe, bought it on a bit of a whim as I have just lost my mobility vehicle, as I have grown new legs according to DWP lol. Very pleased with car, a couple of minor problems to sort out, 10 minuets scanning forum and found answers...
  5. ioweddie

    Dolphins Ventnor Isle of Wight

    POD OF DOLPHINS ENTERTAIN OFF VENTNOR - Island Echo - 24hr news, 7 days a week across the Isle of Wight
  6. ioweddie

    280CE Coupe for sale on the Isle of Wight

    potted this on the Isle of Wight, nothing to do with me, but I can vouch for the servicing dealership as I bought my AMG Line Sport Plus Estate from them Mercedes Benz 280 CE Coupe Classic 1972 W114 in Cowes, Isle Of Wight
  7. ioweddie

    Isle of Wight Classic Car Show Sept 2015

    100 Plus pics today.
  8. R

    New from the Isle of Wight

    Hi all, Scott here. I've just bought my first ever MB (I've owned just about everything else). I also have a BMW Z3 and a Mk2 MR2. Mine is a 1998 C230 Kompressor Sport - all original.
  9. W

    Isle of Man V8 fun!

    Afternoon All - good to have found you. Not much one can say that hasn't already been said about the glorious AMG V8 but here for your delectation is my video taken with the latex Gopro mounted right by the exhausts of our C63 for a trip over the mountain course on the Isle of Man last week -...
  10. chrisjfinlay

    Greetings, from the Isle of Man!

    Hello, New Merc owner (well, used Merc owner, but new to Merc ownership) on the Isle of Man here. Got myself a W221 S320 CDi (pre-facelift). Quite a few generous extras on the car as well: Parktronic Electric Front Seats & mirrors with Memory Telephone Pre-wiring Electric Glass Sunroof Comfort...
  11. Lxb3

    Potholes bigger than the Isle of Wight

    This is why you shouldn't believe everything (sometimes, ANYTHING) that you read in the papers... Nation's potholes are bigger than the Isle of Wight | Metro News Now, I saw the original news release from this, from the PR company for LV (who own Britannia Rescue). The chump got his maths...
  12. ioweddie

    Come and Live by the Sea on the Isle of Wight

    Selling on behalf of my Sister in Law. Reluctant sale due to ill health, A nice 3/4 bed centre terraced house No 1 Cross Street Sandown, Vacant possession Less than 4 minutes walk to the seafront, highstreet shops etc. (message me with your email address for lots of pictures) To view please...
  13. Druk

    Isle of Wight info please.

    Planning on maybe a couple of days there in July during Sth coast tour. What's the script with the ferries? Which one is best and just turn up or need to book? Also need recommendation for a nice hotel or B&B. 4* sort of thing. Sea view preferred though not a deal breaker. Already looked at...
  14. S

    Touring: The Isle of Skye and the West Coast of Scotland in a Mercedes C class diesel

    B]Day one: Getting to Skye[/B] As you know from the thread in the Benz bin I decided to tour the Isle of Skye with my time off. I had decided that as I had an immensely enjoyable tour last March towards the end, I would repeat the idea but tour somewhere differently. Thing is, the weather...
  15. C

    Greetings from the Emerald Isle

    Hi Guys, i have just purchased my first SLK 200,not a new one unfortunately. So far i am loving it. I found this forum, a great source for information and help fixing the few problems with the car.
  16. Godot

    Subaru Isle of Man TT Record Attempt

    Sorry, it's not MB or even MCs, but quite still a nice little film. jFlSG9_Ue4A
  17. Honey Bear

    SLS AMG & Isle of Man in 'world's fastest 3D car film'

    SLS AMG article :D Prop see the final cut in MB world. Possibly at a GTG.
  18. Stratman

    The Isle of Man TT thread

    Race week approaches. No matter how many times I watch the pictures I am still in awe of the riders as they race at over 200mph between dry stone walls, over manhole covers and potholes, inches from telegraph poles and phone boxes, with the top riders averaging over 130mph around the 37.7 mile...
  19. lynall

    Are isle of man plates legal in the uk?

    Interested in a iom reg car would i be legal to drive it home then reregister it if need be? Lynall
  20. Spinal

    Isle of Mann

    So, I was looking at an old Top Gear (Season 3, Episode 2) and suddenly discovered that the isle of Mann doesn't have speed limits... I was planning a trip to Germany, but the Isle of Mann is mighty closer ;) Any ideas on where I can find some good maps of the larger roads? Any advice on...
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