1. gramey

    Reinstalling ISO fittings for stereo

    I've bought a 2nd hand Mercedes Audio 10 CD/radio to fit in my R129 as I wanted something more in keeping with the car than the awful Halfords only brand thing that's in there at the moment. I'm assuming, perhaps wrongly until I get it out, that the standard Mercedes ISO fittings will have been...
  2. O

    ML320 2002 Facelift ISO CONNECTOR

    I want to fit an aftermarket sat nav / Bluetooth unit, from my Honda to my ML can I get an ISO connector for my ML if so where from? Thanks
  3. C

    Command and iSO 7.1

    I have the media interface cable for the iPod and 4s but when selecting the Media Interface option on the Command system it just says "No device Connected" bit the phone does charge. Any ideas?
  4. A1EK

    Mercedes child seat iso fix help?

    Can anyone tell me if a W203 C Class 2002 year has the isofix seat mount system in the front and back? Also does the car have the baby safe deactivation airbag system? I am thinking of buying a child seat on ebay and want to make sure it will fit? Mercedes Benz Duo Plus Child Toddler Car Seat...
  5. bpsorrel

    Iso Griffo

    A beautiful Petrolicious video of one of my top 5 favourite cars of all time ;) There was a time when these were affordable... vtWngm75OuI#!
  6. J

    ISO Connector Pins to 12v Cigarette Port

    Hi All, My new Merc W212 is arriving Monday, very excited as this is my first Merc having jus moved away from Jags. As thecar is on contract hire, I cannot make any mods to the vehicle, however I am planning to install the Alpine EZI DAB (same as Pure 300Di) to the car. To avoid cutting into...
  7. Wilsonuk

    ISO FIX in 2005 E Class

    Hello all. My ML has plastic covers on the back seats which pop out to reveal the 'hook in' device for the ISOFIX car seat mechanism, but my E Class does not. Am I missing something? Does this mean that the E isn't usable for the ISOFIX system? I will be gutted if it isn't compatible...
  8. D

    Harness Adapter for Audio 20 to ISO

    Hi, I'm a new member, I wish to fit a JVC receiver/cd with DAB in place of the Audio 20 in my 04 SLK 350. The Autoleads harnesses tried are PC2894 and PC2754 but no good. Has any member done this with a retail harness or made one up ? I've tried to find an Audio 20 wiring diagram on merc...
  9. cplnoonoo

    10 pin ISO plug from stereo harness W203 coupe

    I have a 10 pin ISO type plug left loose from the wiring harness of the stereo in my W203 2003/04 c-class coupe. I know it is for the steering wheel control buttons but one of the other threads shows a picture of the plug with only 2 cables going into it but mines has 5 or so. * Does anybody...
  10. cplnoonoo

    Stereo power whilst removing ISO plugs

    I have installed a kenwood double din unit (DDX-8024BT) in my c180 coupe and didnt have the right connections sent to me for the interface connections for the steering wheel buttons so just hooked up the stereo without the interface so i could still use the actual unit without the wheel buttons...
  11. drivebyabuser

    W203 ISO Connections

    I am really sorry to post this if there is a topic on it already (and there must be) but i have spent all evening searching the forums for it. I am a new owner of W203 200K (pre facelift '04 model) It came fitted with a UHI cradle and Audio 10 CD head unit. I got my head round taking...
  12. omega1

    C220 (W203) 2003... 10 way ISO 10 or not?

    Hi all, Apart from taking it apart and looking myself (which I'd rather only do the once to install the stereo), can anyone confirm if the Audio10 in my C220 W203 registered in 2003 will have a 10 way ISO on the stereo wiring or not, as I need to order one of the following adaptor kits for a...
  13. S

    ISO Connection Help Needed!!!

    Hi Guys, I want to connect my kenwood double din unit to my CLK320 2003 W209 Pre Facelift. The connection on my Kenwood unit uses the standard colors which are: 1- Yellow (Battery) 2- Red (Switched - Although this is yellow on some cars) 3- Black (Earth) 4- Blue (Aerial) 5- Orange...
  14. grasmere

    ISO files - what are they please

    Can anyone help please. I have an ISO file for a program and want to burn it to a CD to run/install from. I've 'burned'/ copied the file to a CD but I just get the same file on the CD as I have on my HD :confused: Am I missing a salient point! Any ideas please guys and gals ?
  15. Stratman

    ISO connection: what is it?

    It is time to get new sounds in my '96 C180. The panel illumination in the factory fitted Blaupunkt ACR 4231 that came with it has died, so this is just the excuse I need. Looking in the Argos catalogue and on the Interweb, I notice that many units have an 'ISO' connector. Will this cause me...
  16. Shude

    Headunit ISO plugs wiring diagram

    Becker have very usefully put an ISO plug wiring diagram on their website for those wising to know which pins do what on a standard car headunit. "pin out and diagram"
  17. A

    Antenna ISO connector

    Hi, I have just upgraded my stereo, however it has the new style ISO connector for the antenna. My antenna wire has the old connector. Where can I get an adaptor to link them together? Many thanks Amo
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