1. G

    Italian hotel concierge damaged my CLS500

    Hello guys, My last day of my European drive journey, I stayed over night in Milan, Italy. The hotel had a concierge service where they were parking the car safely away for the night and bring it when you check out. So I did just that. When I had the car brought to me in the morning, I loaded...
  2. grober

    Car Customising- the Italian way

    Not everyone's cup of tea but some interesting images Garage Italia Customs | Where dreams come true
  3. bob6600

    Italian GP 2016 (may contain spoilers)

    Lewis around (a mahoooosive) half a second ahead in qualifying, put Nico in his place. Breaking news, Jenson Button will NOT race for anyone next year, even though he has signed a 2 year deal which gives him/McLaren an option to race in 2018 Very clever of Ron Dennis, gives JB a break and...
  4. Bobby Dazzler

    Been on an Italian supercar factory or museum tour?

    We're heading off on a European Road Trip next spring, and we're travelling home via Stuttgart so we can do the factory tour at AMG. Our accommodation is all booked, so now I'm thinking about what we should fill our days with. We'll be in Northern Italy for much of the time, and I'm thinking...
  5. whitenemesis

    Sounds so Much Better in Italian

    Sort of classy :eek: and very expressive.... :o bpo8RDyOEWY
  6. 219

    Don't buy French , Italian or 'Pacific-Rim' ...

    Not if you want your cars to keep passing their MOT ! The MoT Files: Bottom 50 MoT performers | Good Garages | Honest John At least no Mercs in the bottom 50 :bannana:
  7. GordonTarling

    Cool Italian Bicycle

    Does anyone think this bike is likely to see the market? Looks really cool, but still would suffer most problems that a normal bike does, except bent or broken spokes. It does fold up nice and small though!
  8. bpsorrel

    Quick lesson in Italian...

    As my wife is currently in Milan with her sister, she kindly sent me this quick lesson in Italian language. Not sure if it would help me THAT much... :D
  9. 300CE

    Weber DCO 55 ITALIAN Triple carbs. NEW OLD STOCK

    Weber DCO 55 ITALIAN Triple carbs. NEW OLD STOCK | eBay
  10. D

    Italian New Member!!!

    Hello everyone! .. I'm Italian, I have a C-Class 220 CDI SPORT AMG SW (S203), work in the field as they are a seller mercedes-benz, a greeting to you all! Daniel
  11. DSLiverpool

    The Real Italian Job BBC2

    Catch it on iPlayer a brilliant programme and for Palmball he has a Grantourismo S !!!
  12. Spinal

    Italian Touring Bike...

    So now that I've seen a few rays of sun, I'm tempted to trade in a bike or two and get a touring bike... That said, as usual, it needs to be Italian (like all my bikes!) Any ideas? I was thinking of a Ducati ST2 or ***... they have some good reviews and look quite nice... Any others...
  13. F

    Italian Tune-up + Best MOT ever.

    My very good friend asked me to get his C240 MOT'd so I duly obliged and booked it into the local garage that I've used for some years. The car was straight in at 9.00 am and by 9.05 I had a cup of coffee handed to me. All was going well until it came to the emissions part. The car rarely...
  14. SilverSaloon

    Italian police crash Lamborghini supercar

    whoops: BBC News - Italian police crash Lamborghini supercar
  15. C

    Italian Speeding Tickets

    I realise that this issue has been posted before but I thought worth mentioning again. We rented a car to visit Florence last August (staying just outside the city). We arrived on 31st July 2008 and left a week later. We rented two cars, and so far this week [10 months later] I have...
  16. robert.saunders

    Caine reveals Italian Job ending

    "Hang on lads, I've got a great idea," says Sir Michael's character, Charlie Croker... and then the credits roll. The star says he would have saved them by "switching on the engine", burning off petrol until it righted itself. "I crawl up, switch on the engine and stay there for four hours...
  17. E

    Italian man in malta 18+

    WARNING: 18+ Swearing! lol
  18. Mike Walker

    The Italian Job....

    I worked in Malta up until 12 months ago and whilst there went to Italy on holiday - Pisa/Tuscany/Sienna etc - and had a fantastic time. Imagine my surprise when the post arrived today and there were 2 letters advising me that I had infringed the Italian Highway code by ' circulating in...
  19. Donza

    Anyone recommend a nice decent/upmarket italian resteraunt in Birmingham?

    Taking the missus out for her bday this Sunday. Since She now lives in Derby, and i in Leeds. We have decided on eating out in Bham for the first time. I am thinking City Centre, romantic setting. Nothing to wallet-busting though. :eek:
  20. D

    Italian design are damn blood good but mechanically they are hopeless other than Ferr

    ari. :p Pininfarina special edition Rolls Legendary Italian car designer delivers one final masterpiece.
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