1. J

    Hi from Italy

    Hi guys. Have a good day!!! My name is giovanni Living in faenza on italy, I have buy a w202 C180 '97 facelift. The car is my first mercedes, and I need more information. Thanks!
  2. gr1nch

    Northern Italy touring route ideas?

    Hello forum members, The wife and I are heading off on a driving tour around Italy for about two weeks in May. One stop is definitely the Lake Como area Lake Como - Lakes - Travel ideas Any ideas for routes around Italy, preferably the top half, that would take in Como? We'd prefer stunning...
  3. RyanMuller

    Holiday to Italy

    Thought I'd pop in! Many many 50 year old men in the showrooms with 20 year old girlfriend. Fair play to them! PS, that's not me in the picture
  4. ivandraganov

    Rent a car in Italy

    Hi everyone,any recommendations and advice for renting a car in Italy,would be greatly appreciated...
  5. Bobby Dazzler

    Anyone used Telepass in Italy through

    We have a tag for France, and I'd like one for Italy too in readiness for our 2016 European Road Trip. I had been under the impression that it wasn't possible without an Italian bank account and home address, however appear to be able to act as a middleman, charging a rental...
  6. Druk

    Disabled parking in Italy?

    :dk: :D
  7. D

    Our man in Italy...

    Ciao a tutti! DKT here in Turin, driving a rather nice, relaxed and rare 1986 W124 200 (carburetted), with factory leather and sunroof…just the ticket. DKT
  8. abecketts

    Holidaying in Piedmont Italy

    If any of the forum have been and can recommend location/villas I'd be grateful. The aim is to motor through Belgium and then Germany, stop overnight north of Stuttgart and then complete the journey the following day. Apart from seeking a busmans holiday in the wine region I'm just hoping...
  9. Piff

    Italy tour

    Ok, following on from the luggage question, recommendations please for places to visit in Italy. It would be in the school summer hols as SWMBO works in a school. Would probably use channel tunnel and have an overnight stop after about 5 hrs driving in France. Have been to Venice a few years...
  10. I

    Scotland v. Italy

    Currently sour grapes here....but 10 of Italy's points were scored by "Wee Tam"..:mad: Seriously though, the Italian game has really improved :D Final score?
  11. D


    At some point in the not-too-distant future, me and the wife want to sample all of the delights of Italy and in preparation I've been learning the lingo for quite some time. Anyway...what I'd like to know is do any of you have experience of holidaying in Italy, I'm think more of Palermo and...
  12. flango

    Recommendations for Holiday in Italy July/August 2014

    Next year is SWMBO 50th and she is a twin, they also have an elder sister, we have been asked to go on holiday all together 3 couples and the preferred destination is Italy in July/August 2014. Problem is SWMBO both sisters like to do totally different things on holiday to me and SWMBO but its...
  13. The _Don

    James Gandolfini, star of The Sopranos, dies in Italy RIP.
  14. knighterrant

    Driving to Italy

    I'm in the middle of planning a driving trip to North Italy in June. We want the journey to be as much a part of our holiday as the destination. I'm coming up with a few quandries and wondered what advice other members may have. Still not decided on whether to use a ferry or Eurotunnel to...
  15. ringway

    Wayne Rooney doubtful for tonight's game against Italy.

    Wayne Rooney has been suspended from the Euro 2012 competition. Reports say he is suspected of using a performance enhancing rug.
  16. G

    Made it to Italy

    Following on from the furry animal thread I made it to Italy with no problems. It ran perfectly all the way. The weather in France was awful but in Italy it was glorious. Stopped in Bologna for lunch with our daughter and then on to tuscany. Car cleaned and as promised some pictures Hope this...
  17. SAFC

    Road Trip to Italy (and Back!)

    A summer trip to northern Italy is on the cards this Summer 2012. I've not sorted out how to get there yet but I'm wondering what to change/check before I set off e.g. polybelt - I've changed that; I had a leak on the HP Diesel pump so I changed the lot, including pipes; I'll change tyres, if...
  18. Palfrem

    Eurozone, Italy and interest rates

    Gents I know we have a number of knowledgeable financial types here so... Very simplistically, if Italy now has to pay some 7% on its loans, any idea why my bank is only paying me 2.75%? That's a huge spread. I assume some of my hard earned deposited cash is now effectively propping up...
  19. R

    OMG Italy beat France...

    ...22-21, what a great match.
  20. markjay

    My trip to Italy

    The post below was inspired by certain posts from MOCAŠ and Charles Morgan. However you are all invited to participate! ;)
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