1. N

    Selling Front and Rear Brake pads with sensors (MB stock items) for E63AMG 6.2

    Hi everyone, With over 2 and half years having great fun with my E63 6.2 PP, it was coming to the end of my lease, I returned the vehicle (sadly and it will be truly missed) and I have brand new Brake pads for front and rear with sensors for front and rear, which I bought from MB in Southend...
  2. richardgr88

    A209 2008 CLK 280 Sport Service Items

    Hi all, My car has done just over 10,000 miles since it's last service about 1 year and 3 months ago. The MOT is due in May and I'm wondering whether I should service it or not. It's on 61,000 now. It drives well and regularly gives fuel economy in the late 20's and on a very long steady...
  3. erdnase

    Best way to secure items in car boot from moving about

    Been looking for a good way secure items in the car boot and stop them moving about. I do have a hook at the each side for a small shopping bag but need something extra when i want to put in more in, nothing huge really but just save things rolling around.
  4. D

    Assyst+ - Additional items

    Just wondering, the additional items menu, is this to tell you what needs doing or is it just a method to tell the car what has been done regardless of whether it was due?
  5. E

    Click&Collect extended to reserve parts online in 24hrs

    GREAT NEWS! Click & Collect has now been extended to allow you to reserve parts online which are not in stock, to be delivered to your local store for collection in as little as 24 hours! This new feature now allows you access to over 132,000 parts to be reserved at our online prices and...
  6. 1

    W202 estate items wanted

    full leather interior ( cream or light grey) Alloy wheels 17" or 18" AMG period if poss but open to options an styles. contact info 07900411115
  7. C

    W203 suspension items

    Morning guys, I had the following MOT advisory, which arm would this refer to? Right front lower (forward) suspension arm ball joint. Also; Rear antiroll bar has play in pin/bush - Is that droplink replacement time? Thanks guys
  8. T

    Service items - riddle me this

    I've been feeling all smug about the VW NOx emissions thing because my pride and joy has got a boot full of AdBlue instead of a spare wheel so, it emits less NOx than when a fairy belches. However .... I've just had a B service at a main dealer. Last year I was charged 2 x £11.70 (ex VAT) for...
  9. T

    Many Louis Vuitton items for sale :)

    Hi, I've got some Louis Vuitton bags and accessories for sale. Please message me or reply on this thread if interested. I still have the original receipts for some of them. Don't worry, they are all 100% genuine. I currently have: 1. Louis Vuitton Icare (Damier ebene) 2. Louis Vuitton...
  10. Dave Richardson

    E bay sales items from Romania

    I've often looked at Mercedes related items offered for sale where the seller lives in Romania on E Bay. Has any UK member ever bought goods from Romania & was the deal successful ? :dk:
  11. babyblueCE

    Items for sale

    Hello all i have the following items for sale if anyone is interested please send me a message: Hirschmann Aerial New - £60 delivered (bought for my C124) Propshaft Coupling New - £30 delivered (bought for my C124) 2 x Pioneer Subwoofers 3500 watts each, Mono Boss Audio 5000w amplifier, 4...
  12. jimmymidnight

    A few eBay items from my CL

    Italy 2006 CD-Rom Nav disc from COMAND 2.0 - 2003 CL500 Blaupunkt Italia 2006 Tele Atlas Cd Rom Navigation Cd | eBay France 2004 CD-Rom Nav disc from COMAND 2.0 - 2003 CL500 Blaupunkt Travelpilot Dx Tele Atlas France 2004 Cd-Rom Navigatin Cd | eBay Genuine MB CL keyring Genuine...
  13. R

    Car audio for sale all high quality items Focal,DLS,JL audio,Audio systems,genesis,

    Hi guys getting rid off loads of car audio products that i have acquired over the years, these are all high end products which have cost me a lot of money but are know surplus to requirements. Speakers:- Audio system radion 165 plus 6.5" component speaker system unused brand new boxed complete...
  14. Piff

    MOT advisory items

    Number 1 son has just had his A-Class MOT'd. It's an 09 plate with 25k miles, A160. It passed. The MOT station has given 3 advisories, 2 of which I think are quite bizzare, the third I would appreciate some advice from the knowledgeable people:thumb: Undertrays fitted obscuring some...
  15. BlackC55

    A few items for sale.....

    Having a workshop clear out so the following is up for grabs: Smart Fortwo Brabus exhaust Smart Fortwo 450 Brabus Exhaust | eBay Renntech lowering module Mercedes Benz Renntech Lowering Module | eBay Renntech Carbon airbox Mercedes Benz Renntech Carbonfibre Airbox | eBay 203 C-class rear...
  16. loveday

    I’m having a garage clear out and selling some Brabus, AMG & Mercedes items

    Hello gents I’m having a clear out of my garage and have listed some items on ebay if any of you lot are interested the items that I’m selling are…. Mercedes Bluetooth sap v2 cradle (A2048200535) Genuine Brabus boot mat Genuine AMG mat set front & rear (A2046800304) Genuine Mercedes...
  17. M

    MOT - new fail items - warning light or warning message?

    In case it might help someone, here's what I've found out about the new MOT requirements, brought in a month or so ago. I struggled to find out these details so I imagine others may too. When I had my W203 tested last month it was initially failed because a message about the ESP system (Visit...
  18. vijilants

    Four advisory Items today on my Merc MOT plus really poor service !!!

    Took the Merc in for an MOT today and these were the Advisory Items !!!! 1) Front position lamps slightly discoloured ( both has a blue tinge to the light) 2) Under-trays fitted obscuring some underside components 3) Engine covers fitted obscuring some components in the engine bay 4) Number...
  19. B

    service items

    hi, guys any idea were i can get genuine service parts, for my w202 c180 year 2000 [wreg]?thanxs in advance .oil filter air filter pollen filter ,sump plug and o ring seal,spark plugs,got my 10/40 oil,would like to use genuine parts thanxs.
  20. R

    List of W124 items required

    Hi All, First post...I've just bought (this weekend) a project W124 E220 saloon and as such, I've got a list of small items which I need to get looking less sorry for itself...... -2x Grey Sunvisor clips (1x drivers & 1x passenger) -1x Rubber sunroof seal -1x Auto Gear Knob (preferably...
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