1. Bobby Dazzler

    Senna on ITV now - 13 Oct @ 2220

    Just starting
  2. whitenemesis

    HMP Aylesbury - ITV

    WTF !!!!!! what happened to order and discipline? A prisoner barricades himself in a cell ... Lock it and leave him a couple of days to think about it ... Issue officers with Tazzers, why are they trying to negotiate with violent inmates?
  3. stwat

    ITV Player Now Charging You To Watch Some Programs?

    How fecking annoying is that? They now expect you to pay to watch previously free to air programs Well they can feck right off and I will not be using ITV Player again. Youtube here I come. What were they thinking when they brought in this latest money gathering scheme? It is simply not...
  4. R

    ITV HD miss goal.

    ITV HD has apologised for cutting to an ad (Hyundai) just before England score their only goal. HAhahahahahahahaha.
  5. glojo

    Sky and ITV HD

  6. BTB 500

    Lost ITV & C4 digital channels?

    As above, this evening cannot receive any of the ITV/C4 channels on digital freeview. Analogue is OK, and all the other digital channels. Transmitter gone down somewhere?
  7. M

    ITV and F1 GP over internet ?

    How can I listen to the Formula 1 GP over the radio or internet radio ?
  8. grasmere

    how can I receive Yorkshire ITV on Sky+

    For some reason ITV have mapped Harrogate in North Yorkshire, 15 miles north of Leeds, to be mapped to receive Tyne Tees South. Fat lot of good as Yorkshire ITV cover our area :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: Having spoken with Sky they referred me to ITV. Spoke with ITV and they will forward my...
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