1. loveday

    I’ve been offered a new C63AMG, thoughts please

    Hi all, I need your opinions on a deal that has come my way, I received a telephone call from a Mercedes dealership on Monday to say that they will be receiving a brand new C63 AMG 125 edition saloon next Wednesday 17th August and if I want the car it would be ready for collection on Saturday...
  2. petermansell

    I’ve had a heart sink moment reading the thread “Juddering Problem (53reg S320CDI Aut

    I’ve just read the thread mentioned above and my heart sunk. I have a CLK55 AMG 2003 model and last week began to get the exact same symptoms as described. When the car is changing gear it very softly judders before picking up revs and accelerating. Now the car is booked into Olly’s for next...
  3. A

    The best laugh I’ve had in years

    My 17 year old son passed his driving test today; although I wish him many year of good diving I’m really thankful for his excellent sense of humour. Upon getting home from this test he preceded to tell me he was going to buy a car (that’s code for me buying him a car) but until he got one his...
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