1. clk320x

    Ivy Removal from House

    Just had a quote to remove some ivy from my house £180.. Apparently will take 1.5hrs Is it literally just ladder and pull out or is there some complex method? Cheers
  2. D

    Garden advice

    After a recent house move, we seem to have a large garden to look after which has been well landscaped, but I suspect a little neglected recently. I'm fairly sure that if we do not get on top op if it quickly, we will regret it... The garden is set into a hill, with various levels of flower...
  3. portzy

    Destructive Ivy!!!

    I have a problem. Last year, early on, my garage roof started to leak. Its made of the typical board and felt. I couldnt find out how and where the leak was starting. Eventually I found that it was ivy fronds which had started to grow between the felt and board and then gone upwards through...
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