1. GLK

    FREE: 3.5mm jack AUX input cable for Audio 20 NTG2

    I had this fitted to my Audio 20 (NTG 2) in A200, and it is now redundant. Works perfectly fine, including with a bluetooth adapter for streaming music from iPhone, etc. It plugs into the connector 3, pins 6,11,12. Free on its own, or £3 if you want the bluetooth adapter with it...
  2. MancMike

    Jack and stand in one action

    These are cool. We've all experience the problem where you put your trolley jack on the jacking point, lift the corner, then what? Where to put the axle stand? There's no other jacking point nearby. These stands go over your trolley jack, and you lift the car, then slot the pins in place...
  3. M.A.94

    Trolly jack + long bolt in jacking point

    I've seen a few people do this now. Putting a long bolt in the slot for the spare wheel jack and then using a trolly jack to lift the car from the bolt. (See image below) I can kind of see this working as the jacking point where the bolt is placed is where the emergency boot jack would...
  4. rusty55

    R129 cd radio with jack plug

    Hi has any one got a cd radio with jack input to suite my 1997 r129 thanks
  5. brucemillar

    A tragic reminder, never, ever trust a car jack.

    Addington man Nick Jones was crushed underneath his own car
  6. B

    Jack stands

    Hi all, I have a 2004 c class estate, had it 18 months. It's got an annoying rattle underneath at the rear, it's not the exhaust. I've bought a trolley jack and jack stands, my question is where do the jack stands go. Your help would be much appreciated. Brent
  7. JohnnyAMG

    Getting an SL R230 up on jack stands.

    So I have booked my alloys in for a refurb....The only problem now is I now need to get them off the car. I live in a flat with an underground garage with very limited access to tools. I was hoping to use the jack in the boot and 4 small jack stands I bought but I am not very confident with...
  8. A

    Trolley jack and axel stands

    Been looking round for a good deal on a combo set and this is the best one I found, if anybody else is after a set check out screwfix Never thought they did anything like that. Cheers Ben :thumb:
  9. Growy16

    Air jack

    Been doing a number of track days with the C63 so have bought a second set of wheels. I can see the jacking points under the side valance but has anyone used a pneumatic Jack? I have a 150 psi compressor in my garage and they just seem a fast and practical way to get two wheels at a time with no...
  10. Scooby_Doo

    Is there a Jack in the back.

    If you've got an "adblue" tank in the boot in lieu of a spare wheel , stupid idea , do you get a jack etc to take the wheels off if you need to ???
  11. GLK

    FREE: 3.5mm AUX Jack Socket

    For anyone considering a DIY install* of an AUX input - I have four 3.5mm AUX Jack female sockets to give away. I only needed one, but bizarrely it was cheaper to buy a pack of 10, than a single one on AliExpress. So, here were are - I'm keeping three unused ones, just in case, but the rest...
  12. Alex

    4 Tonne Big Red Jack Ramps

    I've got a pair of plastic ramps made by Big Red Jacks. Used a few times but will be getting a scissor lift soon so can overnight these for £30. They were about £50 on the bay. Well made and strong. They slot into each other and are pretty light too. Was skeptical about them being made of...
  13. merc85

    s211 is it ok to jack the rear diff?

    Hi peeps, I need to clean the rear subframe etc up, is it ok to jack the rear ofthe car up on the rear diff so i can use axle stands on the jacking points? Maybe a silly question but thought id rather ask 1st lol:D
  14. K

    Trolley Jack

    Planning to do some minor work on the car this week. I'm looking around for a Trolley Jack or Lifting Jack. Was in Costco last sunday and they have a 2 tonne Lifting Jack for about 80 pounds . I was wondering if this would be strong enough to lift an E class 270 cdi . Or should I be looking...
  15. optimusprime

    For sale M/B Repair jack point

    Hi these four items i have for sale see picture .Check your number before you purchase please. Purchased these to do my jacking points but never used them .The part is to thick to do simple repair to jack holes on w124 .. M/B no longer make the part for my repair .. This is the thick plate...
  16. M

    W204 Wheels on a W205

    Long time, no post for me ... I've just replaced my 2012 (W204) C250 CDI Coupe with a 2016 (W25) C250d Estate and had a set of alloys with winter tyres that I used to change on the Coupe myself. Couple of questions ... 1) will these wheels fit the new car? 2) as aI have the tyre...
  17. pmcgsmurf

    Jack Pad Adapter for 2 Post Lift & Trolley Jack W211 / W212

    Anyone using any of these rubber Jack Pad Adapters, I've seen them on ebay for £7.50 from the UK or £12 for a pair from Germany? Would need 4 for a lift so perhaps £30 is a bit much but £24 doesn't seem too bad. Was thinking they would be handy to stop any damage when lifting the vehicles up.
  18. B

    Jack failure

    Had my 2008 C320 CDI since Oct last year I am the 2nd owner and it has just gone through 40'000 miles from new. Used my jack to remove my drivers side rear wheel yesterday, even used a piece of wood underneath it to ensure it was secure. Just as I was removing my wheel the jack failed and...
  19. Spinal

    2.5mm Power Jack

    I need some of the wonderful communal knowledge/skills in finding weird things. I have some equipment that is charged by a 2.5mm jack, that looks just like a headphone jack; but is 2.5mm instead of 3.5mm It's a 9V line, with Negative, Positive, NC (going from the rubber plug to tip)...
  20. como

    W205 Space Saver Wheel and Jack

    Hi, I thought it may be useful to pass on the following information. For those looking to buy a spare wheel and jack for the W205, in place of the compressor and foam. The jack is listed as part number: A2055800000 £109.08 However a complete kit consisting of the jack, wheel brace, chock and...
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