1. M.A.94

    Trolly jack + long bolt in jacking point

    I've seen a few people do this now. Putting a long bolt in the slot for the spare wheel jack and then using a trolly jack to lift the car from the bolt. (See image below) I can kind of see this working as the jacking point where the bolt is placed is where the emergency boot jack would...
  2. Bigdw

    S class w221 jacking points

    can anyone tell me the best place to jack up the whole of the rear of a W221 S class with the hydraulic Jack, to enable me to place the stands under the jacking points, thanks
  3. F

    plastic cover for jacking point

    any idea where I can get a replacement part...cheers
  4. Reggies

    Jacking up car

    Now everyone knows how to jack up a car but I'm stuck. It says remove the plastic plug from the side of car and slide the jack in, simple. Oh no, I just cannot remove the plus, I have tried levering them with a screw driver but there stuck, just will not budge. In the end I got my trolley jack...
  5. S

    Jacking up rear of W212 and axle stands

    Just in case this is of any use, I had all my wheels off to paint calipers at the weekend. I used the jacking pad mid engine to place an axle stand under the front, but could not find anything similar on the rear. In the end, i jacked up each side and placed axle stands as shown in the pics...
  6. M.A.94

    Jacking w210 from the front

    Not sure if this is being posted in the right section so apologies if it's not where it should be. Anyways I want to jack the front of my w210 using a trolly jack so it lifts both front wheels of the ground and I can get axle stands under the actual jacking points on either side. The way...
  7. Drewpy

    W245 rear cenre jacking point

    Evening all, Just want to pick your brains regarding the rear centre Jacking point on the B class. I can see where it goes, but is it inbetween the plastic shroud or do I rest the jack (with protection) on the front of the shroud where the surface changes to a non slip area? do i need an...
  8. Pathewolf

    W210 E55 Jacking Point Cover

    My E55 W210 facelift model is missing the passenger side front jacking point cover! They cost £40 + vat from Mercedes so unless I can find one elsewhere I will just have to order one from them. Happy to pay a reasonable price if anybody has one to sell! Cheers in advance Pat
  9. S

    Mercedes-Benz A-Class 2005 W169 A150 jacking pad

    Does anyone know where to find a Mercedes-Benz A-Class 2005 W169 A150 jacking pad?
  10. optimusprime

    Jacking panel w124

    Well i a,m realy stuck .With all the body parts you can find ,and no one as the brains or gumption to make the jacking point repair panels .If i was still in the metal bashing industry i would make £ in this little item Germany are in on the act at £30 each inc postage if you want 4 then its...
  11. KennyN

    CLS 219 jacking points ?

    As my car is now outwith its warranty period , I am anticipating having to carry out some repair work (brakes / suspension etc.) that involves lifting the car. As I am new to MB ownership I believe that there are specific jacking points under the car to allow the use of a trolley jack. In order...
  12. optimusprime

    jacking points

    Now is the time to start an my jacking points .Can i ask if anyone as used items from UK and if so whats the part number and from where did you get them .Or is there any other item i can use to slot around the hole. I know i can weld in a washer 60 mm diameter .
  13. optimusprime

    jacking point repair panels

    As i was looking on google for 4 jacking point repair panels ,that i could not find .I thought about my friend ,who works with power presses .He said it was possible to make some but he must have the dimensions. These parts will come in for all members that need them in the future. Can anyone...
  14. BIG_G_1979

    jacking point adaptor

    Hi guys does anyone have one of these ebay# 261590743177, im looking to get some fabricated in work so was wondering if anyone would give me the dimemsions of this thanks
  15. J

    Is there jacking points ?

    Hi new owner of a C220 cdi -14 is there jacking points under the car where to lift the car
  16. Charles Morgan

    OSR Jacking point 190

    My MOT threw up a problem with some welding work with the rear jacking point on the 190E 2.5 16 I bought last year. An inspection today revealed that whoever repaired it welded a plate over a rusty jacking point, the plate has now completely corroded revealing a very crusty jacking point area...
  17. P

    jacking up the front of a clk

    Hi all. I am about to attempt an oil change today. ( going fdiwn diagnostic route regarding the cold start issue). But thought I would do the oil first. I want to Jack up the front of my com and use axle stands to initially get under the car, remove the lower engine cover and find where...
  18. O

    Jacking point failure...

    after fighting to remove the plug on the right rear side, I jacked up the car and the jacking point failed... Totally corroded... This is a warm welcome back from mercedes. don't you hate this... Now, can I still jack up the car there in an emergency as I will be going next week and I am not...
  19. RKC-benz

    W124 estate cladding removal and jacking points

    It was always the plan to take off the lower cladding on my white W124. We would be looking for damage to the door surfaces where the cladding rubs and for jacking point condition. Today it was started and the news is half and half. The overall impression was of dirt behind there making the car...
  20. T

    210 Jacking Point Corrosion

    Heres what I found when investigating why my Front Drivers jacking point had sunk about 1.5cm into the bodywork :( Either a repair section or some nifty welding required
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