1. S

    Low Entry Car Jacks

    I'm in need of a new trolley jack, low entry to stuff under low/lowered cars. What are we all using, any recommendations?
  2. BlackC55

    Jacks 190e 2.3 16V for sale. Magazine featured.

    Mercedes Benz 190e 2.3 16v | eBay
  3. C

    Trolley jacks

    I am looking at a new trolley jack. For my cars it would only be for removing one wheel at a time (axle stands mandatory of course !) but my daughters partner likes to come round to tinker with his Civic Type R when he can. I have been considering a Machine Mart aluminium lightweight low entry...
  4. S

    Jacks and wheel brace

    Are Merc jacks and wheel braces all same? Thanks sinky
  5. Omega

    Bleedin' Jacks

    Hi, Anyone know how to bleed a hydraulic trolley jack please ? Mine was only lifting half way so I topped it up with Jack Hydraulic fluid. It made it a little better, but not 100%. I can no longer see the makers name or instructions. Cheers
  6. 219

    Safe use of jacks

    Following on from a thread on another forum where a member was asking about servicing an old trolley jack , I thought it would be worth copying the following over here for the benefit of newer members who perhaps have less experience of working on cars and have not heard some of the safety rules...
  7. M

    Trolley jacks and axle stands

    Guys, Quick question about jacking points. If I want to place axle stands on the rubber supports behind the front wheels, where do I place the saddle of the trolley jack in order to lift the car? I want to raise the front of my W202. Thanks all, shr.
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