1. knighterrant

    Traffic Jam

    Did you get stuck in a traffic jam on your way to work this morning? I bet it wasn't as bad as this one: Russia: Drivers Stuck In 120-Mile Traffic Jam - Yahoo! News UK :eek::eek:
  2. W

    120km traffic jam

    Let there be no more complaints about London's congestion: BBC News - Thousands of vehicles stuck in 120km China traffic jam
  3. Stratman

    Rather worrying

    I've just seen this piece on The Register. It's basically saying that an imported jammer can defeat GPS based anti theft tracking systems.
  4. Ratz

    I wish I could jam!

    Maybe an oldie, but it's a goodie!
  5. Satch

    Drivers in worse jam as traffic plan fails

    What a surprise. http://driving.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_and_style/driving/article3897780.ece "Motorists are wasting more time sitting in queues on motorways and A-roads because the Government has failed to meet its key target for reducing congestion. Delays have increased on the 100...
  6. D

    Traffic Jam

    A motorist, on his way home from work in Westminster, came to a dead halt in traffic, thinking to himself, "Wow! the traffic seems much worse than usual." After a while, he noticed a policeman walking towards him, between the lines of stationery traffic. He rolled down his window and said...
  7. L

    When is a Jam sandwich not a jam sandwich

    found this pic while wandering around the web and it bought back sooooo many memories so I thought I would see if it did the same for you guys and girls.
  8. S

    C 180 exploded while in traffic jam

    I recently upgrades from a 190e to a C 180 auto 65k 1997 with no EC Last Friday bank holiday rush i was caught up in traffic jam (100 meters in about 1hr). Just after a hour i hard a loud explosion and then steam all over the bonnet. The radiator had explodes and the antifreeze has spread all...
  9. W

    210 estate rear seat jam!

    The 2/3 section of the rear seat on my 2000 E320 cdi estate does not fold flat anymore. When you pull the lever on top of the seat back it does not release the back for folding. The single seat section releases and fold fine. I have taken the single seat out by undoing the centre holding bracket...
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