1. ringway

    James Bond-style Flipping Number Plates in use on our roads.

    Thousands of drivers using illegal 'James Bond-style rotating number plate covers' to avoid traffic fines. The number plate concealing devices can be bought on ebay and the DVLA reckon it's not for them to deal with. Thousands of drivers using illegal 'James Bond-style rotating numberplate...
  2. grober

    James Corden is the Confused.com driver

  3. grober

    James May the reassembler

    BBC Four - James May: The Reassembler, Lawnmower TONIGHT 9PM BBC 4
  4. grober

    James May Cars of the People.

    On tonight James May's second three parter on CARS OF THE PEOPLE BBC2 9PM TV Pick of the Day: James May's Cars of the People (BBC2), January 24 | Western Morning News
  5. dan-mb

    James May is back road testing but not on Top Gear

    Exclusive: James May drives the 2015 Ferrari 488 GTB XcWtAa5gGAo
  6. Conquistador

    New James Bond film title announced...

    BBC News - Spectre to be title of next James Bond film Sounds like it's going back to the old Bonds, first Casino Royal, now 'Spectre'... SPECTRE - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia And here's his car for the 2015 film, the DB10: Anyone else see a bit of the new AMG GT in that?
  7. grober

    James May's Cars of the People

    Anyone watch this recent 3 part mini series shown on BBC 2 Excellent stuff! Still available on the BBC iPlayer. :thumb: My God! a car programme with intellectual content.:eek::eek: Why can't we have more of this instead of the interminable B list celebrity guff? BBC iPlayer - James...
  8. grober

    James Garner, Rockford Files star, dies aged 86

    James Garner, the US star of hit TV series The Rockford Files and Maverick and films including The Great Escape, has died aged 86.:( BBC News - James Garner, Rockford Files star, dies aged 86 yg1Cx26-928
  9. grober

    James May buys an electric car

    James May is buying an electric car -a BMW i3 Despite having a range extended BMW i3 electric car however, May says the BMW i3 isn’t going to be his only car — and when he goes long-distance away from his London home, he’ll use another car instead. When pushed, May was a little sheepish as...
  10. S

    Driving restrictions on Mall in St James Park

    Was driving to a service Job in London today on a boat on the Victoria Embankment and was just following the satnav and without thinking i was driving through what looked like a park and was the Mall. Now i was in a Iveco Daily LWB van and whilst driving through i did not see any other vans just...
  11. J

    heater James

    Lots of noises coming from dash when turning off ignition sounds like heater flaps or something clicking grinding ??? please any help James :dk:
  12. J


    I have just purchased an old 51 2001 ML 270 with Sat Nav now discover NO DISC ? Please can anybody help exactly which one and does anybody have one. I have bought this car expressly to go skiing in French alps so need Euro Nav ? Regards James :doh: :fail
  13. Stratman

    James Blunt

    His music may induce nausea, but the lad doesn't take himself too seriously and does an excellent line in comebacks.
  14. The _Don

    James Gandolfini, star of The Sopranos, dies in Italy

    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/celebritynews/10131366/James-Gandolfini-star-of-The-Sopranos-dies-in-Italy.html RIP.
  15. bpsorrel

    Early James May

    How JM has changed!! Julia Bradbury looks rather nice at the end.... :D vB35XaoOcSQ
  16. grober

    James Steele: America's mystery man in Iraq

    Some aspects of US Foreign Policy that has perhaps a "degree of resonance" with recent discussions about Hugo Chavez. Seems all too eerily familiar but judge for yourself.eGfYfbPS6zU
  17. KillerHERTZ

    Bond... James Bond

  18. M

    Etta James, RIP

    The singer Etta James died today, aged 73. 9YryQTTQMXQ
  19. brucemillar

    Help Required Footman James - Equity Red Star

    Has anybody had experience of the above companies? I am currently attempting to have a claim settled and appear to be going no where fast. I have full breakdown and recovery (for the car driver and passengers) anywhere in Europe. This is all arranged through Footman James. On the 26th August...

    2000 Mercedes-Benz AMG CLK GTR On James list

    2000 Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR AMG, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States - JamesList I might have to start looking down side of the sofa, I would love one of these in my life!
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