1. brucemillar

    W203 Bonnet Jammed Closed

    Folks Working on my W203 today and the bonnet slammed on my maintenance battery charger, which was sat just behind the slam panel. Disaster!! Now the bonnet is completely closed and the release handle (inside the car) will not release it. I have had my wife pulling the release handle inside...
  2. M

    Bonnet jammed shut W(C) 124 230CE

    I recently pulled the bonnet release latch inside me C124, it responded with a 'twang!' and now the release isn't engaging with any cable. I'm guessing the cable is snapped or has become disengaged in some way.... Essentially the bonnet is now stuck shut. I'd like to get the bonnet open (since...
  3. C

    S600 (w220) starter jammed! Any advice?

    Hello, I'm hoping that some knowledgeable soul might be able to offer some advice...? Drive my car today 1.5miles to local post office ten minutes later came back out to the car and it wouldn't start, I can hear the solenoid click into place but that's it. RAC have been out to the car...
  4. R

    Boot lock jammed W204 2008 c class estate

    Hello all, newbie with a W204 320 estate 2008 AMG wheels. Alas, some funk has already occurred: The car has a soft close boot: 1. Boot lock jammed - replaced by dealer I bought car from - wasn't able to open the boot with the blade at the time. 2. Boot lock jammed again - when I picked it...
  5. tmwsccsh

    1995 SL500 Roof Jammed

    Hi all, Slight disaster - see below. Some background. Hard top has been on all winter and today was the day for it to come off. Some may recall I had issues last year with a leaky main piston so was going to change that for a good one at the same time. The hard top would not shift...
  6. B

    E W211 280cdi Jammed Wing Mirror

    First post after swapping my 300c crd for a e class 280 cdi...so hello. Just given it a full service which was pretty familiar as it has the same engine as the 300 so I am now working on the niggles... I have a E 211 2006 face lifted - the drivers wing mirror is jammed on the closed...
  7. P

    jammed rear seatbelt

    Hi can any body help with the jammed centre rear seatbelt on my e350 estate
  8. Reggie-rock

    I have jammed my CD player and now is dead.

    With the unit loaded with 6 CD's I tried to change to another disc but it would not play the chosen CD, so after waiting 5 minutes became impatient and tried fiddling around with it and mistakenly and stupidly pressed the eject button and of course it would not eject as it was trying to change...
  9. ckember

    Sterring jammed and active headlight error

    Hi all I am looking for some advice on an issue that occurred tonight on the way home with my CLS GE Just after starting the car and leaving the work car park I have to turn right at a mini roundabout, as I turned right the car didn't seem to want to turn right and jolted to a halt. At the...
  10. sveeturi

    Boot lock jammed

    Hi, I am having Merc C200 saloon, looks like its boot lock is jammed. I tried to open it up with metal key, key is turning (I can hear the motor sound as well) but boot is not opening up. Looks like somthing is jammed inside. I calledup RAC they looked at it and said auto locksmith can only...
  11. S

    W124 Coupe door lock jammed

    I have searched a number of posts about lock barrels but cant see one about this issue. Just acquired a late 93 W124 coupe, body in good shape but lots of niggly issues to resolve. One is the drivers door lock. It had seized up so I removed it an soaked in wd40. When I inserted the key to...
  12. borz

    URGENT HELP!!!! Electronic gremlings and jammed boot lid

    Hello got in the car tonight to give my daughter lift home and then everything that could go rung did ,it started with when my daughter put the pram in the boot and shut the boot lid in my w203 estate ,as I was moving I realised the rear wiper started working on its own without me putting it...
  13. Feeble

    Becker Silverstone 2630 changer jammed...

    I have a Becker CD changer in my C43 and it is not working. I have taken it apart and found there is a CD stuck inside after you take the cartridge out. When the changer is plugged in, all the head unit says is Loading CD... But it never loads... :( I haven't had much luck with searching on...
  14. T

    124 Tailgate Jammed Shut Help!

    Sods law Dictates that with a full load for a house move the 124's tailgate has decided not to open The Button goes all the way in without any engagement The Key will not turn and after a bit of juggling and contortions we managed to get in and pull the interior handle ..... still nothing Not...
  15. X

    W251 r class boot jammed shut

    W251 r class boot jammed shut won't open won't close alarm keeps on going off
  16. L

    W209 Glovebox CD changer jammed

    Hi folks, I'm new to the MB world and this is my first post. So here goes. I just bought my 2004 CLK (which is absolutely wonderful!) and discovered that the CD cassette in the CD changer cannot be removed. I press the eject button, it makes a noise but the cassette is not ejected. On...
  17. M

    New Seatbelt Jammed

    Bought a new seat belt on eBay but it appears to be stuck in the fully retracted position. Any suggestions how to release the locking mechanism? There is no movement available to wind it back in to release the lock in the normal way.
  18. S

    W211 E55 Bonnet is jammed

    OK I'm running out of ideas after 4 hours of looking at different ways to get at the passenger side latch! I went to pop the bonnet this afternoon but the release did not feel right, when I went around to pull the latch at the grill it was not out but could be pulled out. The drivers side has...
  19. brucemillar

    Center Rear Belt Jammed

    W203 C55 Estate - 2004 Folks. I noticed tonight that the center rear inertia belt is jammed solid. I have tried heaving it, wiggling it, talking nicely to it, all to no avail. It is stuck. I can lower and raise the seat back and remove the dog guard/cover cassette. But see no easy way of...
  20. M

    cd changer magazine jammed!

    Happy xmas everyone! The cd changer is in the glovebox of my w203, if you try and eject the magazine it buzzes but does not pop out, do i need to remove the whole changer from glovebox and then take apart or is there another way to do this? If you press cd on the head unit it just says "no cd"...
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