1. markmifsud

    BBC: - Car key jammers: What you need to know

    According to the BBC, theres growing occurrences of key jamming Car key jammers: What you need to know - BBC News Anyone know if Mercedes are susceptible to this? If So, another good reason to have your siren to Beep on set as a confirmation that your all secured.
  2. Guy

    Laser Jammers

    Edit, apologies to mercmanuk who had already posted this info 5 days ago. Topic already posted here
  3. mercmanuk


    found this on another site December 2004 A friend of mine who has been using a jammer for over 4 years got arrested this week. (Dec 04) Here is the story of what happened. At 6 am a police car and a low loader turned up outside his home. He was arrested and the car was loaded on...
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