1. Bigrichw

    Jap V German

    Does the club attend with a stand? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Palfrem

    How much for a new ariel for my Jap G?

    Just been into Mercedes to get a replacement radio ariel. Part number MA 463 820 12 75 Antenna comes in at a cool £356.85 plus vat and a rake of assorted fitting bits and pieces adds a further £40 plus vat. I mean, that's just crazy! I didn't buy it by the way.
  3. Palfrem

    New Jap import G

    After 3 months of waiting it has finally arrived! A 300 GEL petrol of 1994 vintage. It has only done 38K kilometres would you believe and there is some Japanese paperwork that supports this. Underneath it's like new. It's certainly very different my Range Rover, reminds me of the...
  4. ioweddie

    E320 Estate Jap Import Might Suit Someone Here

  5. R

    From Jap to German

    Hello everyone , first of all don't really do forums so i hope this is the correct placement , i have had a Honda Civc EP3 type r for over a year now done a couple of track days etc in it don't get me wrong nippy little car for what they are however i now work at a main german manufacture...
  6. J

    visited my mates jap day in the merc...lol

    A friend of mine had a pimpfest 2013 day at salisbury a couple of weeks ago. loads of pimped up cars and also a track for drift cars too. had a great day out and even went in a drift taxi for £5 a ride,, nearly crapped myself but it was brilliant... all the money raised went to 3 charity...
  7. Y

    was Jap now Benz

    Hi everyone I have just got myself a CLK 230K auto and absolutely love it but I have a few questions because it still seems a bit too good to be true that I paid LESS than 2000, so being the cautious man I am I was wondering if some one could help me out with some things I need to check to get a...
  8. bobby

    Jap Import C36

    MERCEDES C36 AMG LHD LOW MILES!! on eBay (end time 20-Jan-11 10:58:28 GMT) Looks nice - wonder if it's easy to check the history/ confirm provenance?
  9. d w124

    Jap imp E500

    1995 RARE MERCEDES BENZ W124 E500 WIDE ARCH LEATHER on eBay (end time 29-Nov-09 22:03:08 GMT) The interior looks well used for the mileage and the wheels is so out of place
  10. coupe deville

    E 320 Coupe 124 jap import

    What are the pros and cons of a japanese import [ apart from the price ] http://www.ccbenz.co.uk/30621/61457.html
  11. DR1VER

    Classic Jap 240Z

    Bought it last month and love it to bits
  12. timmy

    Jap Import with a Difference.

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/MERCEDES-500-SL-LEFT-HAND-DRIVE-CABRIO-WITH-HARD-TOP_W0QQitemZ120018653681QQihZ002QQcategoryZ9855QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem I have had a couple of Jap Imports, and the cars are simply nuts, but this one looks the business. Just hope some mad Japanese car freak has not messed...
  13. shazAMG

    Crazy Jap L.E.Ds

    I’ve had these pics on my Zen for ages now, just thought id share! Got some crazy Japanese LEDs from Bay abt 4 months ago, the heads where so big I had to remove the glass (Never again)! Anyway, have a look at the pics!
  14. pluggers

    Jap style W124's

    I sure there maybe someone on the forum who will like some of these pics web site (click on gallery button)
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