1. Palfrem

    Japanese imports and increased insurance premium

    I'm looking at buying a Japanese import. It's via a proper company in the UK and is a splendid looking 1994 G Wagen 300 GE. Just done an insurance quote and if I say it's imported, the premium goes up by 25% and my excess increases by £150 over what it was when I got a quote with no...
  2. The _Don

    Jules Bianchi undergoes surgery after Japanese Grand Prix crash

  3. grober

    JNCAP- like EURO NCAP but Japanese

    Came across the website of the JAPANESE equivalent of the EURO-NCAP site for Japan. May be of interest to owners of Japanese imports with models untested in Europe ? Here's a link to the Subaru BRZ JNCAP?Car Assessment - Detail of tested Car
  4. grober

    Some W124 porn [ Japanese style]

    ??????????/??/AT????????????/??????????? - ?????????
  5. O

    German vs Japanese Dyno day?

    Would any one be interested in such an event ? In the northwest ( Warrington area to be exact) Any thoughts?
  6. M

    e280 estate w124 Japanese import

    Looks likes its clean as a whistle Mercedes W124 Estate 7 seater Japanese import - Rust free condition stunning | eBay
  7. W

    2006 Japanese Spec. S350 (W221) Time Setting

    Hi All, I am from Hong Kong, and just import a Japanese S350(W221) to HK. However, the clock remains set to Japanese time (1 hour faster than HK). I've do some research in google, some say set the time through "COMAD", I've try, but it still can't solve my problem... Would anyone can teach me...
  8. 312 Sprinter

    Who is tempted by a Japanese import?

    Highly Radioactive Cars Being Sold Illegally in Japan | AutoGuide.com News
  9. M

    Plz Help >> Japanese Mercedes

    Hii all am ahmed from bahrain, i have mercedes 1997 model, i exported from japan and i have a problem with the screen its showing me the japanese language i want to change it english , how can i ? The tv, telephone and navi cannot work . Please anybody know how to fix this problem in my...
  10. B

    Hi from a Brit in a Japanese Car in Germany :)

    Hi all, I've been working in Germany for a while now and currently drive a 1996 Mitusbishi Legnum VR-4 with a a few subtle and not-so subtle mods. Although it gives the German marques a few embarassing moments (0-60 is under 5.5 seconds wet or dry) it's starting to feel it's age and needs some...
  11. Satch

    Japanese hit-and-run woman drives home with body lodged in windscreen

    Good job it was not raining. Wipers might not have been that effective Japanese hit-and-run woman drives home with body lodged in windscreen - Telegraph
  12. M

    Japanese Mosselman Turbo C124!

    Just browsing Garage Current's Website, I've just found this little beauty! VERY low mileage, and (no doubt) extremely rare! I've heard of Mosselmann Turbo conversion, and the 300CR and 300SLR (R129), but I've never seen one for sale before! CLICK HERE for the 300CR The price equates to...
  13. D

    Newbie questions on W126 Japanese imports

    Having run a 300SE a couple of years ago (90K to 120K faultless miles) I am now looking at the V8s and attracted by the low mileage LHD imports from Japan that are around. I have already had a very low mileage Honda import which caused no problems at all but are there any special things to watch...
  14. jonnylewis

    Japanese VIP Cars

    Just been looking at some Jap style VIP Cars. There are some impressive Mercs out there. Whats the general opinion of them? i think i really like them, bit of inspiration perhaps.:D
  15. Meldrew2

    Japanese banks in trouble

    Following the problems with Lehmann Bros and in the sub-prime lending market in America and the run on Northern Rock, HBOS and Bradford & Bingley in the UK, uncertainty has now hit Japan. In the last 7 days Origami Bank has folded, Sumo Bank has gone belly up and Bonsai Bank announced plans to...
  16. bobby

    Japanese C43 Project

    I ran into this guy on Facebook - check out the RS4-style arches!
  17. S

    The Japanese are coming

    http://www.leftlanenews.com/infiniti-gt-r-sedan.html Erm, a 4dr coupe with the GTR's capability. That will hurt AMG, the M3, Audi's RS etc. What has the CLS started :crazy:
  18. H

    Removing Japanese speed limit

    Hi all A friend has a Japanese spec 500CLS that does not go over a certain speed (I think its 180kph or 112mph). Is there a way of removing this speed restriction? Thanks
  19. GrahamC230K

    Japanese GP

    F1 got too boring for me to follow, but the ridiculously wet Japanese GP could be entertianing. Not sure what is funnier, the spins or the height of the Japanese marshalls that came running out afterwards. I know there are crowds to dissapoint etc, but looking at the in car footage, I...
  20. T

    Japanese imports - how does it work?

    Need a little bit of help with importing a car from Japan, how it works and what's involved. The car is NEW and is only £12000.00 in Japan from start to finish whats needed to import and register this car, costs, tests, taxes etc. The reason being, the prices I've found to basically have...
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