1. J

    Replacing a Jeep, is an ML a fair choice?

    I've run a few Jeep Grand Cherokee V8s over the past 15 years or so and they have been a really good fit for my needs. First, it needs to be able to tow a car trailer with rally car on it. A high towing capacity is therefore a requirement. Also a right bugger that the C63 isn't type approved...
  2. jonnyboy

    Jeep Cherokee cheap

    All Plan change means I have a Jeep Cherokee here surplus to requirements. 3.7 auto 2003 Extreme Sport with half leather. 85k miles. Serviced, full test, 4 owners, have put a battery and a radiator on it. Used the last few days, it drives quite nicely, seems ok, quite economical for what...
  3. S

    Mercedes CRD 2.7L in Jeep Grand Cherokee

    The Mercedes dealer repaired the leaking number 3 fuel injector on a Jeep Grand Cherokee Loredo 2.7 CRD that they had fixed before and this time evidently stripped the bolt. I was notified they are doing an insert and got some engineering shop to come do it. They said they refitted the seals...
  4. A

    Jeep CRD (270 cdi) fuel pump leak??

    Hi all, I've got a strangely intermittent diesel leak on a Jeep Grand Cherokee 2.7 CRD (believe it's the same engine as an ML270 CDI). Essentially engine had Black Death which I fixed and engine was running sweet with no leaks or smells. Drove it around for a week until Saturday morning when...
  5. J

    Jeep fanatic looking to change marque.

    Hi all Just signed up today as I have just sold my beloved Jeep Cherokee and am looking to move up to a CL. I still own a Grand Cherokee, and will continue to do so, and I co-run the UK Jeep Owners Club ( so I hope I can bring some of my experience to the MBClub. Jim
  6. Palfrem

    6 litre Jeep

    Used - JEEP - GRAND CHEROKEE SW (6.1 V8 SRT-8 5dr Auto) - Sytner Solihull Madness or worth a look? In the mood to change the LC, but now my mileage has dropped significantly I am wondering about "interesting" replacements...
  7. V12

    2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4.7 V8 - £1300

    £1300 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4.7 V8 103773 Miles Tax till 30.11.13 Mot – will check, think it’s till November. This is a cheap, honest car. It is not mint and is priced accordingly. According to Jeep forums this is the engine to have, much more powerful and refined than the...
  8. KillerHERTZ

    2014 Jeep Cherokee

    Yeah, Good luck with that :crazy:
  9. Stratman

    Free Jeep Wrangler (just one little condition)

    Free Jeep Wrangler (if you marry this woman) Bunny boiler. Guaranteed.
  10. Borys

    Jeep Wrangler

    It is my truck, need space - for quick sale 1993 JEEP WRANGLER 2.5 RED | eBay open to offers
  11. U

    Merc Jeep Custom Mod

    Over the weekend I went to pick up an AMG exhaust in south London and I came across this beast sitting at the guys garage.... [/IMG] the guy who did this said it was for customer and I can only take one picture as I asked kindly otherwise he was very protective about it. shame i could not...
  12. R

    Jeep Grand Cherokee Sill Guard/Plates

    I have a 06 Overlander and am trying to source a set of Sill Guards/Plates...have surfed the net thoroughly but to no avail...any help appreciated please! Regards Alan Scotland :dk:
  13. P

    Jeep cherokee limited

    the wife has a 2006 Jeep 2.8crd Cherokee Limited and its needing a throttle position sensor, cam anyone tell me where its located and who would have one.
  14. kvz2000

    Merc ML Jeep thingy's how good ???

    Hi All, This is my first post, my wife has just bought a CLC 220 sport CDI, and as I am into my classics/spare vehicle I fancied getting an old Merc, either a Jeep 4 x 4 as I have just sold my old Rangerover, or preferably an old Merc estate a W123 model..... I have 2500 cash but that would...
  15. R

    Mercedes benz G class jeep bodywork

    Hellou im estonia male , my name is reio and am bodywork practitioner. And im speak estonia language , wery litle esnglish language. And now is painting Kokku monteeritud nüüd uksed ja tagaluuk ja esikapot ja tiivad (Nagu pildilt näha siis on puhastamata jäänud vana teip...

    Grand jeep cherokee

    This is for sale close to me but as of yet i havent been able to contact the seller as it was just posted today. does anyone know anything about these wagons, are they auto box as standard, do they have 7 seats? IS THIS A GOOD BUY? Let me know your thoughts guys, thanks LINK: 2006...
  17. WLeg

    Interesting Jeep ebay ad.....

    1996 JEEP CHEROKEE TD LIMITED GREEN on eBay (end time 08-Sep-09 14:02:17 BST)
  18. E

    Jeep Grand Cherokee

    Hi, I've got a Jeep for sale: It's a great car and in good condition especially for it's age. Just let me know if your interested and I'm sure we can...
  19. 230K

    Anyone know what jeep this is????

    Hi Can anyone name this jeep?? Also what about this one?? Prefer the second one obviously! :D 230K
  20. reflexboy

    Jeep Grand Cherokee Wheel-Unused

    I have for sale a 17" Jeep wheel for a Grand Cherokee. It will fit 99-04 models. It was the spare wheel and has never been on the Jeep so it is virtually as new. No centre cap as it's a spare.The tyre on it has approx 3mm of tread left (a bit uneven) so I can only presume the new tyre had been...
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