1. DanMorgan

    Jeremy Clarkson's Alpha Romeo (Piston Heads)

    Used 1989 Alfa Romeo 75 for sale in Tyne And Wear | Pistonheads
  2. Meldrew2

    Jeremy Clarkson quiz

    Apparently it's 20 years of Jeremy Clarkson columns in the Sunday Times. Funny, I thought his pauses were longer than that ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... in the world :D Jeremy Clarkson Quiz
  3. grumpyoldgit

    The best Jeremy Clarkson car-art you’ll see today.

    Apologies if it's been posted before, I haven't seen it though.
  4. markjay

    Jeremy Clarckson on the CL63 - Sunday Times / Ingear today

    Jeremy Clarckson writes about the CL63 in The Sunday Times today... The Sunday Times online is subscription-only so I can't post the link, but it makes an interesting read for those of you who do read The Sunday Times - and possibly also for those of you who are willing to Invest a small...
  5. Satch

    Jeremy Clarkson does it again

    Fail to see the issue. Since when has been telling the truth a problem? Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson faces row over new Gordon Brown slurs | Media |
  6. T

    Jeremy Clarkson

    Jeremy Clarkson he has an MB, do you think he looks at this forum? Beep once for yes or beep twice for no.
  7. D

    Jeremy Clarkson launches Top Gear world tour

    The live shows, which will begin at Earl's Court in London on October 30, have been billed as a must-see event, incorporating "the drama of film and theatre with the thrills and spills of stunts and special effects"...
  8. D

    Jeremy selling Paddington bears.

    A good photo of him.
  9. D

    BBC urged to sack Jeremy Clarkson after he admits driving at 186mph on public road

    186mph! I wonder where he did it? Limehouse Link. There are 3 speed cameras in there how can he did that?
  10. robert.saunders

    Jeremy Clarkson caught doing 70mph on the M40 while talking on his mobile phone I'm more interested in his green Mercedes :rock: PS - I don't read the Mirror, honest
  11. A

    RIP Jeremy Beadle

    no more Beadle's about just heard on the news that Jeremy Beadle has died of pneumonia - aged 59 Andy
  12. S

    Poor Jeremy

    Oh dear... Mr Clarkson proved dramatically wrong it seems.
  13. F

    Jeremy Clarkson hit with custard pie...

  14. Koolvin

    Jeremy Clarkson

    I cannot say how deeply disapointed I am. a few weeks ago many of recieved e-mail (spam) from BBC asking if we had a SL55 AMG or knew anyone with one... Jeremy Clarkson indeed did have one and they had to use his, he didn't even talk about the cool features and he was complaining how he didnt...
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