1. Peter T

    Driving in Jersey

    As per the title, taking the SL to Jersey for a few days break next week. Never been before so looking forward to it. Anything I should know about the driving over there?
  2. G

    Buying a car from Jersey

    About 20 years ago when I was in the trade I used to buy a few choice motors from Jersey. It got to the stage that Customs and Excise got to know me and after paying the duty (20 odd % on the value of the car) would allow me to go on my way with a Jersey registered car without UK road tax or...
  3. The Boss

    pics of my W124 cabrio down in Jersey

    Some pics of my w124 cabrio down in Jersey.. had it couriered down from London to Dorset and then we picked it up and drove it on to the Sea cat and enjoyed 2 days and 35 miles of bliss in it.. Then got it back to Dorset by Sea Cat and had it couriered back to London.. Ah what a joy it was to...
  4. Tan

    Letter from Jersey to London

    Hi I ordered a Compact Flash card from Amazon last week and I have just found out that it is coming from Jersey via 1st class post. Any idea how long this normally takes? It was posted yesterday. Thanks Tan
  5. K

    Supplier of Front Discs for C270 with Sport Package who 'WILL SHIP TO JERSEY'

    I need a pair of front discs for a C270 CDI Avantgarde SE with Sport Package. Thats the 330x28 vented and cross drilled ones. I can't find an online store that will ship to Jersey, can anyone help? I'm in touch with awaiting reply. And...
  6. glojo

    Jersey Children's Home

    I cannot, cannot understand how this has been allowed to go on for so many years and I cannot even begin to understand how much the poor victims must have suffered. Our local news describes how children have been abused for generations!! I do hope the offenders that are still living are bought...
  7. robert.saunders

    Holiday to Jersey - suggestions?

    Hi gang We're off to Jersey for 4/5 days (9-12/13 Jul) and we're flying from Gatwick and staying at the Pomme d'Or hotel in St Helier. I don't intend on hiring a car as I want to relax a little. I haven't been before, and apart from the underground hospital museum which I intend to see, I...
  8. Z

    jersey channel islands

    anybody here,from jersey?? we have jacksons garage over here,which are bmw and merc dealerships under one roof. supposed to be the only dealership in the uk apart from guernsey with bmw and merc under one roof. ALSO NO VAT EITHER.
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