1. John

    Big Jim's E55...

    Why are you selling it, Jim? You must have Photoshopped that 27.2mpg. It's not possible! :D It's 700NM of torque / 516lb ft btw. Love those 19" wheels. Have they got spacers on them or standard?
  2. N

    It's English, Jim, but not as we know it.

    Vocabulary quiz. Merriam-Webster Online
  3. Sp!ke

    Slim Jim

    On Tuesday I parked at a pay and display meter near my mothers in Richmond but I couldnt fit in the space. Knowing how keen the parking authorities are in Richmond I was rather concerned I'd get a ticket. What do you make of this?
  4. grober

    Its Art Jim but not as we know it.

    Thought 230K might like these. A few arty pics taken in a Russian scrapyard. The folks doing this looked like they had some fun. ;) The motor show at Earl's Court it ain't. :o http://jalopnik.com/photogallery/DOTJRussia/
  5. Satch

    It is a vehicle Jim, but not as we know it....

    http://www.autocar.co.uk/News/NewsArticle/AllCars/239430/ Putting aside the obvious, er, issues : "The vehicles will use transponder and GPS technology to effectively drive themselves, automatically avoiding obstacles such as cars and pedestrians. Without the danger of crashing, the...
  6. bigyin1

    It's sport Jim, but not one that you're likely to see here...

    http://www.lingeriebowl.com/ Can't see this catching on over here do you.... ;)
  7. Richard W

    Cracking pic from the Jim Clark

    Wasn't sure where to put this...... (mods feel free to re-locate) From reading the post it's not a 'shop job - The rest are here..... http://bbs.scoobynet.com/photography-360/609255-what-do-you-do-when.html
  8. Satch

    It's a Peugeot, Jim, but not as we know it.....

    http://www.carmagazine.co.uk/first_official_picture.php?sid=81&page=1 Anybody up for a rear engined V12 diesel, 5.5-litres, 700bhp & 885lbft?
  9. grober

    Jim Forgione MB electronics site

    Many folks will know of this site but for those who havn't they should really check out this site. http://pages.prodigy.net/jforgione/MB_S500.html It deals with his S500 coupe but the content has much wider applications.
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