1. MancMike

    An evening with Jimmy Carr

    This is absolutely awful, utterly bizarre interview thanks to it's host. Bless Jimmy for not walking out of it. The "interviewer" is disgraceful. Every single thing he comes out with is completely cringeworthy, awful, inappropriate and incorrect. Watch if you will, I doubt you'll get very...
  2. N

    I just saw Jimmy Page in my local supermarket!

    Wow. He was looking for pita bread.
  3. Meldrew2

    Jimmy Perry

    http://youtu.be/JWt_ejvevVE A fitting tribute
  4. G


    hello all I have an E240 W210 and my key has packed up parked the car at 11.30 pm locked it at 09.30 i went out and car unlocked put key in ignition and herd the steering lock come of,but key would not turn the ignition on.so i thought i would lock and un lock it and try again. car would not...
  5. crookedvulture

    1990 300E , owned by Jimmy Page. Advice much saught after!

    Hi guys, looking for some help/advice here. I am actually writing this on behalf of a friend and colleague of mine who does not have Internet access at the moment. He is the (very) proud owner of a Mercedes 300E 2.6 24v. Sadly, he is currently going through a rather messy divorce and has to part...
  6. M

    Sir Jimmy Savile, RIP

    Died today, age 84.
  7. J

    Anybody went to Jimmy's farm GTG?

    It still on tomorrow. Harvest at Jimmy
  8. B

    Jimmy Carr hasn't got off

    Looks like comedian Jimmy Carr and his famous defence lawyer Nick "Loophole" Freeman haven't done it this time. Carr fined 300 pounds and 3 points after found guilty of speeding in his Bentley in Suffolk -- doing 50 in a 40 zone. I assume he wld have got the points anyway.....
  9. portzy

    Jimmy Cagney

    In a few weeks I'm off to New York for a short holiday. Being as its my 1st time ever, I'm looking to take in as much as I can but one of the places I'm planning on visiting is St Patricks Cathedral in midtown. I'm pretty much certain that this is the cathedral where, after being shot by rival...
  10. Alfie

    Happy birthday Jimmy

    Happy birthday Jimmy :)
  11. kikkthecat

    Anyone seen Jimmy ?

    I'm asking because I sent him a PM about 3 weeks ago and got no reply. I just looked at his profile and he hasn't been online since Easter Monday .
  12. F

    Happy Birthday Jimmy

    Happy birthday dude :) have a nanna :bannana:
  13. Flyer

    For jimmy ...

    James: Spotted this link on a H/A site ... I'm not going to comment on the "conversion", but ... your merchandise gets everywhere! :D
  14. B

    Powder coat or Paint - Maybe one for Jimmy??

    Hi guys Just wondering what the finish difference / resilience difference is between having my wheels powder coated or painted? I heard powder coating is better, but im unsure? Can anybody help! :confused: Thanks guys :rock:
  15. Kinky

    Question for Jimmy (and everyone else)

    Has anyone ever come across the Quintezz XT-7000 plus - a gps/radar detector. What's interesting is that CPD are offing £60 if you get caught [in teh 1st year only] http://www.carparts-direct.co.uk/XT_7000_Radar_Detector.htm
  16. pammy

    Happy Birthday Jimmy

    Have a GREAT day :bannana: - hope you get some nice stuff ;) :kiss:
  17. BaldGuy

    FAO... Pluggers,Alps,Jimmy,Grav,Simon and Kinky

    Firstly sorry for the group post, I hope you guys don't mind....Ok guys I have you lined up for these bits.... Pluggers - Phone Console Alps - CD Changer / Pump Jimmy - Grill (Paid Thanks) Grav888 - Pump Simon - CD Holder (Paid Thanks) Kinky - Pedals (Will meet up) Pluggers,Alps and...
  18. jimmy

    Jimmy's C250TD Estate

    Here are some pictures of my new car:)
  19. jimmy

    Help Jimmy find a new car!

    The time has come when I am now going to start looking for a new motor. Well I have had mine nearly a year!:D I am not in a hurry but what I want will be hard to find. Spec as follows: C-class 202 estate. Engine size C230K or bigger, C240, C250TD or C220CDi considered. Leather interior...
  20. F

    For Jimmy maybe

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