1. CLSMark

    Got myself a new job [emoji322]

    Got myself a new job Anyone who doesn't fall asleep reading my drivel on here will know I wasn't happy at work. Fortunately was offered a new post on the spot this morning, with a 3k pay rise [emoji16] Also a the new firm closes at xmas, a period I hate working in Old job was 5 mins from...
  2. Asal

    Fixing a bad polishing job

    Main MB dealer did Star Guard paint protection on the car as part of the purchase deal. When I finally uplifted my car, and 2 days later in sunshine, I see all the polisher swirl marks all over the car, not happy, but the dealer did not inspire confidence. I am reluctant to let the same people...
  3. A

    Tip Job

    My tips was looking a bit shabby and a job I didn't fancy doing :eek: Sorry after getting on my tips for quite some time I decided to give them a clean:rock: Some before pic's And some pic's after a good scrub :p And whilst I was at it i did the plastic trim back to black as...
  4. RyanMuller

    New Job (which company car?)

    Hi all, I am taking a new job in June which requires 1 day in the office and 4 from home. I'll be doing around 300-400 miles a week and currently the only car I own is my C32 AMG which is pretty thirsty. I'm fortunate enough to get an allowance for a car but I don't know whether to just...
  5. markjay

    IInstructions for Nannies: how to lose your job

    How professor/dad Robert Kelly realised he'd gone viral. Very, very viral - BBC Newsbeat
  6. D

    Nut job

    Not quite sure how I achieved it, but getting in the car this morning I managed to nut the 'info call' button which then proceeded to phone for assistance...... I managed to remember to press the 'terminate call' button before I had to speak to someone and confess what I'd done... At least...
  7. jotter22

    Top job.

    I just thought i would share this with you guy's...... I took my clk cabriolet to TKP detailing (formerly toms auto care of medway) for a roof deep clean, recolour and seal, Interior detail, Exterior detail and headlight restoration and what i got back really surprised me, Tom kept me updated...
  8. D

    W124 mercedes 260e parts for sale job lot bargain

    Ideally selling as job lot £230 delivered to UK mainland via courier or PM me ur best offer, i don't have the time to go through each part and list otherwise i'd sell them on ebay and i would get alot more for them There is a alternator and OVP module also to go with the lot below all...
  9. L

    Stuck with "black death" & cow boy mechanic job. Please help!

    Hi guys, Big hello to everyone as it's my very first time here. I have just bought w210 320cDi with 90k on the clock. Only 1 owner car and it's a mint apart for one problem "black death". Last owner explained to me that injector 3 is stuck as he tried to get it fixed but the mechanic...
  10. brucemillar

    Just the job for those quiet Kent lanes.

    Humvee Jeep ( ex US Army). UK road registered. | eBay
  11. bob6600

    The Job Swap - Vettel vs ambulance

    Before you watch it, who do you think is quicker? Seb Vettel in the ambulance or the ambulance driver in a Ferrari? [YOUTUBE HD]oHTXYbtXx44[/YOUTUBE HD]
  12. Conquistador

    Turning DOWN a job offer

    Turning DOWN a job offer - advice please Having recently been made redundant, I've been frantically looking for another job and a bit of a change in career. I had a couple of interviews lined up with new positions and one has offered me the place. However, the job I really have my sights set...
  13. poormansporsche

    F/S Job lot of used Lego !!!!!

    Collection from SE London only 5 Box loads, all partially constructed, probably bits missing from each - Selling as "Spares and Repairs" :) Pic shows roughly what should be there - dread to think how much it all cost me new !! Loads of "Friends" sets Super Heroes Monster Fighters...
  14. M

    Quit your job and buy a Mercedes G-Class - Video

    Quit your job and buy a Mercedes G-Class wFrPO7P86NE
  15. I

    Huge job lot of 124 spares

    Mercedes W124, 300TD, 250D, 200/300 series, massive lot of spare parts. | eBay Worth the money?
  16. 5

    Job lot of various MB parts - £100 for the lot

    Hello all Few bits and pieces here, including S500 Coupe calipers, fire extinguisher and holder, w124 wing mirrors, old ignition leads, Japanese stereo and cd changer, coolant bottle (500e), SLS reservior, 2x brand new pollen filters w124, pair of horns, w124 leather gearknob and a few other...
  17. I

    Lovely W111 Resto Job - US Ebay

    Mercedes Benz 200 Series 220SEB Coupe with RARE 4 SPD Manual Trans | eBay Once again the Yanks demonstrate that they've enough film in the camera! (Wait for the loading and scroll down)
  18. The Boss

    Great Job at Wayne Gates (Terry)

    so my w212 has come to 5 years and needed a major B service (apparently according to the dash notice) anyway decided to get Terry to sort it out this morning and what a great Job all the filters, oils etc.. and took near 5 hours to complete, but totally happy and learning curve for me...
  19. OneForTheRoad

    how much of a job to change this

    easy or anything ill run into trouble over ? 1 Front Axle Suspension Arm bottom left Mercedes W211 S211 | eBay going with lemforder but is febi ok as this comes with all new bolts . thanks .
  20. brucemillar

    Job Satisfaction?

    Folks What little jobs have managed to complete that give you that smug grin. The grin that you retain in the face of others lack of understanding of your skill and brilliance. Today I completed fitting new "grain of sand" 12v light bulbs to all of my instrument switches in my Mistsubishi...
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