1. C

    W220 Chinese nav jobbies

    hi all. im very tempted by these replacement 16;9 nav/dvd units you see on ebay, to replace my 4:3 Blakes 7 unit. does anyone have any experience with them? this sort of thing;
  2. glojo

    Big Eight Engined Jobbies

    The other day someone was asking about whether bird droppings can damage the paintwork of your car :) Wife has just returned home and has been the victim of ONE B52 eight engined bomb load!!! :eek: The car was absolutely straddled, stem to stern, port to starboard. There is one evil bird...
  3. NormanB

    Door Locks (not Snazzy Computerised Jobbies!!)

    Hi All I hope I can glean some practical advice on an older MB! My problem is my driver door lock is playing up. It will lock OK but cannot turn key the other way to unlock it so guess the tumbler is falling apart. I have tried plenty of oil but it is definitely shagged. Now then - it...
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