1. whitenemesis

    John Noakes R.I.P.

    Blue Peter presenter dies at 83yrs old after battling with dementia. Another one gone ...:(
  2. L

    Love 2 Shop Gift Card - £150, Swap for John Lewis Gift Card

    I've got a love to shop gift card which I'm not going to use. The gift card value is £150. Ideally would like to swap for the same value of a John Lewis gift card as I've got my eye on something there. Card is expiring in 2019 and can be used in the list of stores shown in the pics below...
  3. W

    RIP John Surtees...........what a sad day!

    John surtees Just heard that John Surtees has died.
  4. markjay

    Sir John Hurt RIP

    Sir John Hurt: Bafta-winning actor dies aged 77 - BBC News
  5. markjay

    RIP John Glenn John Glenn death: Trailblazing US astronaut was 95 - BBC News
  6. d w124

    John Bake's car with its trusty alarm installed

  7. jonnyboy

    John Deere Gator for sale

    John Deere Gator 4x2 petrol with electric tip For sale only due to loss of work contract. We spent a fortune on this - welded in a new floorpan, overhauled the chassis, lots of repainting, built a cage for the back, gearbox drained and flushed, new belt, clutch rubbers, serviced the engine...
  8. grober

    John Carter BBC 2 6 TONIGHT

    Disney's big Edgar Rice Burroughs ... money pit of a movie that crashed and burned at the box office. Think---- Lord of the Rings/ Gunfight at the OK Corral meets Starwars. Not at all bad actually.:thumb: [YOUTUBE HD]pcV7aXL8txU&spfreload=10[/YOUTUBE HD]
  9. The _Don

    Developer John i have found your E63 replacement -
  10. Ten elena

    Great experience with John Haynes Auto Technics in Worthing

    Just wanted to give a shout out to John Haynes in Worthing, where we took our car down for post purchase inspection and transmission fluid change. Good and prompt communication via email from David the service manager and he also very kindly agreed to meet us on Saturday for car drop off and...
  11. Simon_M

    Mini John Cooper Works 2010

    Mini Factory John Cooper Works Midnight Metallic Black with Matt Red Viper Stripes Registered June 29th 2010 Full Mini Service History TLC Servicing package until June 2015 Comprehensive Mini Warranty until end of June 2014 22000 miles Tyres all have around 4-6mm tread left Wheels have...
  12. martyz

    John Button RIP

    John button 70(Jenson's dad) died Sunday evening of a heart attack. Jenson's Rock R.I.P John
  13. R

    RIP John Fortune

    BBC News - John Fortune, satirical comedian, dies aged 74
  14. C

    Thanks to John Haynes Auto Technics

    I'd like to pass on my thanks to John Haynes Auto Technics in Worthing, and recommend them to members, Yesterday evening my S210 E class started flashing its indicators after locking, incredibly bad timing since I am off on a trip to France with the car tomorrow. I could lock the doors...
  15. T

    Honest John - top 10 Classic Cars

    The top 10 classic car searches. Five of them are MB. Top 10: Searched for classic cars in October 2013 | | Honest John .
  16. W

    John smith

    Hi there I'm a new member from Leighton Buzzard Bedfordshire. Own a year 2000, clk320 cab which I've owned from new, 75k miles.I now keep the car in Spain and drive it back through France to the uk every year for its mot etc. Before I retired I was always to busy to use the car properly, it sat...
  17. grumpyoldgit

    A collectors car? John Lennon's 1st car up for auction.

    As the title says, John Lennon's first car, which he is said to have purchased just after passing his test for £6,500. Wonder how much the insurance cost? Bonhams 1793 : Bonhams to sell the Ferrari that was John Lennon's first car Anyone going to bid? :thumb:
  18. bpsorrel

    RIP John Fitch

    Rest in peace John Fitch. John Fitch - RIP - PistonHeads
  19. Bobby Dazzler

    Furniture retailers: John Sankey

    Any furniture retailers on MBClub? I'm looking into some John Sankey sofas and arm chairs, and I was hoping to cut a deal ;) Or it would be good to hear from anyone who's bought some John Sankey furnture.
  20. AANDYY

    Happy Birthday John (TrapperJohn)

    Congratulations for the day :thumb:.
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