1. Peter DLM

    Can I join the AMG Club?

    Well my 2nd r231 SL has to go back next week and I'm a bit bored of them now. The below is the MB Configuration Tool's impression of my new car which I hope to collect on the same day the SL goes back. I wasn't able to spec this myself as I only had a choice of a few cars, so this was the...
  2. BIRMA

    New Member not being able to join.

    Hi, I would like to bring to the attention of the moderators of this forum a problem that a member of another forum I inhabit is having problems joining (just like me with the USA based forum I might add) his username is Sand Dancer and is having difficulty joining if someone could help I'm sure...
  3. G

    Preface lift W211 - what "other clubs" to join?

    Already joined the following two clubs: -noisy SBC pump club -snapped spring club .... Any other clubs I may expect to join? Thanks A
  4. m2287

    Polo decides to join on a live race at brands hatch

    Did This Guy Really Drive On The Track During A Live Race? :fail
  5. T

    Newbie looking to join the classic mercedes ownership dream

    Newbie here, please be nice :cool: After never having owned a Mercedes and not having owned a classic for some 10-15 years now; I've fallen in love with the W123's. So I'm looking for all the info I can get, and then hopefully to get hold of one. Thank-you, I look forward to pestering...
  6. grober

    Join Date: Jun 2013 E320 CDI SPORT Designo Mauritius Blue

    Because you have posted in the members gallery no one can reply. Because you are new no one can PM you either. try reposting in the general section--- nice car ---- very ---vibrant! ;) the pano roof would have set you back £1,218 the designo paint £895 nappa leather £1208 or...
  7. mixupz

    Finally decided to join a MB forum.. Hi All

    Hi All, Ive been a member of enthusiast forums in the past and ive shy'd away from joining again because of the fear of contracting the awfully contagious 'modding bug'.. Lo and behold, now on my second CLK, im ready to be ravvaged by the bug. Ive prepped my wallet, and my forum search...
  8. PhilDR

    Rebellion and PCS to join forces.....

    Hi everyone we are pleased to announce that following on from a successful meeting today, PCS are now our main UK Dealer and Fitting centre for all things Mercedes and otherwise. As our two companies are located within a few miles of each other it made sense to combine our expertise and...
  9. bpsorrel

    Hamilton to join MB F1

    So, now we'll have the blingtastic boy to represent MB on the F1 track from next year. Yippee :( Mercedes confirms three-year Hamilton deal - I wonder where Shuey will go....
  10. brucemillar

    Hamilton to join Mercedes

    Eddie Jordan quoted as saying that Lewis Hamilton will replace Michael Schumacher at the end of the season.
  11. B

    What is the best MB club to join

    Hi all what would be the best Mercedes car club, for me and my CLK 320 rag top to join, for events like meets car shows ETC. I have had the car now for 18 months only use it in dry weather , but yet to go to a merc meeting in it. I live in Chalfont bucks. Thanks in advance
  12. tasn1

    C55 AMG to join W208 55 & E46 M3???

    Ok guys...we got a friend...with a C55 AMG (55 plate as well....poser!), who will join us this xmas going to Poland via the Nurburgring. He is an occasional track enthusiast as well, so he knows how to race. And he has had his car from new...My brother in the beemer is confident he will show us...
  13. A

    Hoping to join the MB club

    Probably should have said Hi before asking a question but better late than never. Currently have a VW but looking to join the MB club in the near future.... just need to sort out the financing now.
  14. M

    Anyone in East Anglia wish to join an Informal Gathering THIS Saturday (20th)

    As some of you may know, I'm the organiser for the East Anglia region of This Saturday one of friends is setting up a show at the Elvedon Estate near Thetford. The main theme is simply a gathering and social event, rather than a proper "full on show". It will run THIS...
  15. grober

    MERCEDES GP PETRONAS Releases Nick Heidfeld to Join Pirelli

    For anyone who missed this-like me:o MERCEDES GP PETRONAS has released Nick Heidfeld to join Pirelli to aid their F1 tyre compound development program.MERCEDES GP PETRONAS Releases Nick Heidfeld to Join Pirelli | eMercedesBenz
  16. smillion

    ML55 to join the E55 ?

    I have an appointment to view an ML55 on Wednesday - being sold by a local trader in German marques. The car is described in writing and verbally as immaculate in every respect and had a new MOT yesterday. FSH however the only fly in the ointment is that the car's last owner (5 years) was a...
  17. A

    Button to join McLaren

    according to the guradian Jenson Button agrees to join McLaren on three-year, £6m-a-year deal | Sport |
  18. B

    Want to join the 300k club?

    Here's your chance for a W124 with just under 300k: Nick Froome
  19. jeremytaylor

    Alonso to Join Mercedes McLaren

    In 2007, Ferdinand Alonso, current F1 champion is to join Mercedes McLaren. Ron Dennis hasn't decided who will make way for him, but as Kimi Raikonnen has been tipped to join Ferrari when Michael Schumacher's contract expires in 2007, it's likely to be him. Time will tell.
  20. SEM

    Police Join Queue In M6 Toll Chases

    Police Join Queue In M6 Toll Chases From Auto Express It sounds like a story from the Keystone Cops, but amazingly, police patrolling the M6 Toll have to queue up to pass through the barriers - even if they're on 999 duty. Following our issue 838 exposé on how the Midlands motorway is...
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