1. D

    Hey just joined

    Hey guys just joined does anybody know of any mb car meets around or close to the leicestershire area regards dan
  2. S

    Hi, Just Joined

    Hopefully understand my 213 Sprinter better
  3. T

    Hi new member just joined

    Hi I'm Ricky and have just joined after buying a 1993 320ce ,I've always wanted one and when this one popped up round the corner to me I went for it !!!! I'm still going through the car so I'll get some nice and stuff but so far ,good stuff= 98,000 2 owners , some service history all merc ,most...
  4. K

    Just Joined

    Hi, l thought l would just say hi to everyone ! lve always fancied a mercedes so l bought my first one last year. lts a 1999 T reg C220 CDi (W202) classic manual estate (currently lm trying to fix it myself due to snapped bottom front wishbone), lve also recently bought an (unseen) 2002 02...
  5. F

    Finally joined the club... C63 owner

    Long time lurker... Finally managed to get my hands on my dream car a few months ago... It's a facelift C63 with performance pack plus. It an absolute dream to drive and I had it on a track today with my mate who also has one! Incredible! Not sure i'll do anything too it yet...
  6. Greyman63

    Just joined the club...

    With a black on black CLS55! Picking it up tomorrow and can't wait! The CLS wasn't even on my radar until about 10 days ago. For the last couple of months I have been looking at CL63's...then as I found one that suited I was thinking that its not really the right fit so started looking at fast...
  7. m2287

    Ive joined the AMG Kompressor club

    Got myself an S55 AMG on a bit of a whim! It needs a good once over with a machine polisher and it will look great!
  8. Edwards521

    Just joined the C63 Club, but may have an issue...?

    Hi all! I've just purchased a 61 plate C63 and absolutely love it! I've had loads of BMW's; M3 etc, but moved to an E Class Cabriolet last year and discovered a new Brand for me. One thing I have noticed though is that there's a clicking/tapping noise that's noticable when driving near...
  9. B

    Joined the amg family

    Hi all Pleasure to be officially part of the amg group.
  10. M

    Just joined the AMG party

    Hi All, Just purchased a MY14 E63 AMG and wow, what a car. Was looking at a DB9 but there is a baby on the way in our family so I was persuaded to look at a slightly more practical car that could house a baby car seat if needed, so the e63 seemed the right alternative! I stepped up from...
  11. M

    I've just joined the 210 club

    Hello All. It's been been a while since I used the forum as I should. That's because I sold my s124 and ended up buying other temporary cars that were not Mercs I picked up a 99 e240 Avantgarde from a forum member last night, it's in with Wright tech in Sidcup have have a look over. It's...
  12. P

    Just joined

    Just joined after buying my first Mercedes, an R230 SL 350 with 54000 miles on it. Hoping that I don't get too many expensive gremlins, although I should be used to it having just swapped from TVR Chimaera.
  13. Lainton

    Just joined the Club!

    Hi all, I bought my 1st Mercedes in July last year E350 Coupe, I'm still impressed and look for excuses to go out for a drive. Ive come across your site several times whilst doing a Google search for info and decided Im gonna sign up! I live in Swindon Wilts, I haven't modified the car yet...
  14. LiveForever

    Just joined today

    Hi everyone, Just registered on the forum this morning, thought I would put a thread up here just to say hi. Any car I've had before I've always joined a forum relating to it, can find out valuable information on the car. Il do another thread on the car I'm looking at in the forum. Thanks
  15. P

    New member, just joined the clan

    Hi all, Just joined after signing my life away this afternoon. I've just treated myself to an '08 C63 AMG as a late birthday present. Can't wait to collect her, hopefully on Saturday. Pete
  16. P

    Just joined

    Hi all, After recently selling my last car I'm now on the hunt for a CLK 500 convertible. I've got a few questions which I'm hoping people can help me with. Is it best in this thread or should I start a new on in the discussion thread Thanks
  17. Sprocket1

    First car forum i ever joined

    Hi everyone, Quite nervous about joining but very excited! Nice to finally be a part of Mercedes owners club/forum :D
  18. A

    New member joined today

    Hello everyone, I have just joined the forum, although I have had a number of MB in the last few decades I did stray away for a while. Now back again looking for a S class this time, as you can see from my post this morning in the general section I do have a number of questions which I will...
  19. E

    Hi. Just joined. Not sure what to do

    Drive a 54 plate 311 lwb. Nearly mint with 620,000 miles. Original engine. Hoping for some info. All the best for 2015. Mike
  20. F

    Hi just joined today

    Hi all, just joined today, found the forum searching for a solution to a flat battery. will post in correct place later. 2010 c180. thanks john.
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