1. V

    Mercedes Sprinter Ball Joints

    Afternoon. I have just had the front end knock on my late 2006 (facelift) Sprinter 311CDI looked at and have been told need to replace both lower ball joints. The garage said it was easier to replace both control arms rather than trying to get the ball joints out. They quoted £800 inc parts...
  2. tcb180

    E320 Cdi 2007 Facelift Ball Joints

    Well been having a pre Mot poke around and discovered play in o/s/f wheel bearing so nipped that up. Also found same on n/s/f so did that. Ever since jacking the nearside front up, strange feeling off play in steering wheel and a vibration right through drivers seat at 40mph. Well I looked at...
  3. H

    Ball joints

    Hi, Sadly car failed mot front suspension had excessive play in lower suspension ball joint nearside, does anyone know the part no. cos eurocarparts has 2 options for this part which seem completely different.....many rhanks
  4. L

    Boot leak joints

    Hi I recently had a new rear SAM unit fitted due to water getting onto it. Eventually found it was from joins as shown in pics. The question is does anyone know how to stop these from the source? If I just seal these points inside then somewhere, perhaps a box section? could always be full of...
  5. I

    W219 CLS Ball joints,discs pads AND CALIPERS!

    Hello, I have had my CLS 500 almost 2 years now and it is a joy to drive and hands down the best car I have owned. So I thought I would start a member’s thread. Soon after purchasing the car I had a major service and thorough inspection carried out by a local specialist, he gave the car a...
  6. S

    W203 (C270) New struts/shocks ball joints

    Hello all, I currently own a C270 and just the other day my front strut blew out and leaked oil all over my garage floor. I knew I was in need of new components a few months back, but I figured it may last until summer. My question is whether or not my C270 has different struts and shocks...
  7. zaen1

    are c43 amg ball joints,tie rods,and other suspension parts the same as all w202,s

    Hi,as per title can anyone tell me if the smaller suspension parts like the ball joints,tie rods,wishbones are the same for a c43 amg as say other w202,s like a c220 c280 etc. Thanks in advance for any replies.
  8. SL350_SWINDON

    Price to replace bottom ball joints

    Hi chaps, anyone know a rough price to replace both bottom ball joints in the control arm that connect to the anti roll bar drop links. In my option it should b less than 2 hours labour.
  9. A

    Ball joints or something else?

    Hi, I have a problem with my 2006 E Class CDi220. When the car is stationary there is excessive movement at the top ball joint and the wheel/tyre is also moving a lot at the top on the passenger side. Something is cluncking when I pull the tyre towards me and the tyre/wheel moves too about...

    Front suspension lower ball joints

    MOT advisory states: Slight lift in both lower ball joints - slight play. I've had a quote for the job and the mechanic says that ML55 AMG have an up-rated ball joint because it is a heavy performance car and the genuine Mercedes AMG ball joints are more expensive. Is that right?
  11. gbjeppm

    Brake Hose/Pipe Joints

    Can anybody explain how these work/look when undone? I am assuming I should hold the 14mm hose, and undo the 11mm nut/joint (on top), using flare spanners. But they will not budge, and seems to twist in the holder, so I undid the holder/bracket for now. Thanks in advance.
  12. S

    Buying a Car - MOT reveals slight play in a number of suspension ball joints.

    Hi, I am looking for 56 - 09 E320CDI saloon with features such as heated leather, bi-xenon, memory seats, through loading etc. One car I came across has MB service history and not too high mileage - just over 100k. MOT history contains a number of waarying signs of bad ownership such as...
  13. Parky1

    Changing ball joints W124

    Seen a lot of posts relating to this subject and I have seen comments like, you need Mercedes specific spring compressors and mecredes specific press tool. So here is the way I did it with the use of my dads expertise and experience. This will come in useful for people like me (I don't like...
  14. U

    r170 230 slk issue with ball joints, steering drag link or something else?

    Hi all, The wife's slk flagged up bearing play at mot. I replaced both front hubs and set to 0.01 - 0.02mm of float with dial gauge. However I don't think the garage diagnosed correctly, as with new hubs, if I grab the wheels at 3 and 9 o'clock there is play (pulling one hand in and the other...
  15. I

    Sl500 abc ball joints

  16. A

    W221 S320 Suspension Arms / Ball Joints

    Evening All, I have been having a creaking noise from the front of my S Class for a while now and eventually got round to looking at it tonight. It appears it is the lower ball joint which is the culprit (have saw this is a common problem). I cant seem to find a DIY for it - does anyone...
  17. L

    W220 front lower ball joints

    Hi All now that I have finally sorted my hard start issue on my 2001 S320cdi I would like to move onto sorting the suspension issues the car has. I intend to change the lower arms on the front suspension, the lower ball joints on the hub carrier that attach to the other arm and both track...
  18. R

    Upper ball joints replacement

    Hi, I'm about to replace front ball joints (alluminium one), I was thinking of doing it by myself, is it possible to do it on the drive way with normal tools or it need to be done by specialist ? What tools would I need, any hints what should be done after ? I've read that geometry and...
  19. R

    Upper Lower ball Joints

    Hi, MERCEDES C CLASS W203 S203 2 UPPER LOWER WISHBONE TRACK CONTROL ARMS BALL JOINTS | eBay Anyone bought them on ebay ? What's the quality ? Any help appreciate :) I need to replace all front's one but on ECP 350 for all 4 :/
  20. Grey Area

    OEM ball joints for W202

    Hi guys, I'm looking on eurocarparts for some ball joints for my C Class. Just wondering if anyone on here knows the OEM for that particular part and if it's even available on ECP. Any help is much appreciated. P.S Anyone tried changing these themselves? Was going to get a local garage to fit...
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