1. Ted

    Jolly jaunt today.

    From Coventry. So where am I now? (No cheating or looking at geo tags!!
  2. S

    Touring: Loch Lomond, a Friday Evening Jolly

    Yesterday was a lovely evening. I intended today to tour the Mull of Kintyre but the weather forecast wasn't ideal. This part of the world has lovely sandy beaches, clear water and deserves a full on sunny day to get the best of it. Instead, I did a small run up Loch Lomond to take some...
  3. S

    Touring: The sheds first jolly on her new set up. Fife and Loch Lomond...

    This is the first chance I have had to get round to doing a dedicated thread. As you are no doubt aware the shed was fitted with upgraded springs and dampers. This has made the car tighter, more direct, more progressive and grippier. As you can see, there is a minor change to the ride height...
  4. R

    30 jolly degrees C!

    Today 30th September I saw 30 degrees c whilst driving in the car. That temperature wasn't a parked car figure but a genuine figure held for half an hour! Blooming heck it's hot:)
  5. S

    Summer Solstice-perfect for my 1st Jolly

    Hi Folks As many of you know I subscribe to the "cars should be driven" school of thought... So I did exactly that. Set off From Helensburgh Up Loch Lomand (a82) and onto the rest and bethankful pass where I stopped off for some pics I then charged onto Inverarry, lovely drive down...
  6. bennesspipers

    'Jolly Fisherman' Skegness or Penzance or Artist

    The famous railway figure 'The Jolly Fisherman' painted by John Hassall for the Great Northern Railway in 1908, was apparently previously painted for Penzance & known as 'the dancing boatman' (or similar). Skegness Council were given the painting by British Railways in 1966,with a letter...

    A Jolly nice drive was had!

    Had a nice drive out yesterday. I just love driving for the sake of it :thumb:. We went to the North Yorkshire Moors - We did this smallish area -...
  8. Howard

    Lovely sunny evening , off for a jolly

    As its such a nice summers evening :eek: my pal Richard and I are going to take his Ferrari 355 cabrio (Mika Salo's old car) for a jolly down to Box Hill this evening.........should be fun !! Thought we might terrorise some bikers ...... :devil: Summer Rocks !!! :rock: Outstanding...
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