1. ringway

    How accents and dialects change on the longest continuous train journey in Britain.

    I enjoyed this. A Journey Through Britain. LINK. Source BBC Radio 4. How do accents and dialects change on the longest continuous train journey in Britain? In A Journey We jump on board in Aberdeen in the early morning and arrive late in the evening in Penzance over 600 miles away. En...
  2. M

    Indicators/wipers failure after journey

    Hi I have a Mercedes 1995 C180 which is giving me a headache. The problem is a recent one, and is basically that the indicators and wipers sometimes fail. The strange thing is that the problem only surfaces when I've been driving the car (for 20mins+), shut it down and then tried to start it...
  3. E

    Long journey tomorrow. Place your bets.

    I am going to take a drive from Bournemouth to Balloch to see my folks this weekend. It's circa 480 miles and I did it in the pre-facelift C63 a couple of years back. The result was 34mpg average at 70mph and I did it on one complete tank........ just! That car was mapped (V4 about 520) and was...
  4. Stig2082

    The Mercedes journey continues, latest stop a CLS Shoooting Brake

    Having started my Mercedes journey many years ago with a 2001 320 CLK Cabriolet, I am now the proud owner of a 2012 CLS SB. In between has been an 2004 320 E Class estate, a bunch of other cars, a 2008 CLS 320cdi and latterly a 2008 CLS 63 AMG. All have been brilliant in their own way and suited...
  5. gunning

    My slow journey back to the army.

    Bit of a weird one for me really as I'm not the kind of guy to talk about this very often. (Especially on a motoring forum) I see this as a way of tracking my progress and being able to look back see how far I've come. With hopefully some useful input from others as there's a lot of guys on here...
  6. Satch

    Delightful journey.

    Had to be in Brighton for 06.00 and went through bands of very heavy rain, standing water on M25/M25. Atrocious conditions, only saving grace very little traffic. Which was just as well because it gave me plenty of room to avoid the small silver car which hit standing water, braked hard and...
  7. Palfrem

    What a journey

    Stunning photos on 500-mile drive across FROZEN Lake Baikal in Siberia | Mail Online Wow! Amazing pictures.
  8. R

    The Journey starts here...

    Hello and a big thank you to all MBC forum contributors for the wealth of knowledge I've already obtained from this site free of charge. I hope i'm not going to start annoying the big guns with my mundane newbie questions, however its probably inevitable I'll ask a few threadenders along the...
  9. acej

    Eventful journey home.

    On my commute back from London today I had a tyre pressure warning followed by a red warning light for low pressure rear near side, pulled over and could hear the air escaping at a rate of... Pulled into the garage and got out the compressor attached canister and was contemplating a quick fix...
  10. R

    DISTRONIC +: Furthest Journey

    Earlier this week I did 118 miles on DISTRONIC + (Nottingham to St Albans). It was OK, if a bit disorientating. Is this any kind of record?
  11. W

    C220 CDI or C180K?

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to buy either a C220 CDI (56 Reg, 66k) or a C180k (55 Reg, 56k). I prefer the C220 given the better fuel economy (and it's a bit cheaper), but am a bit concerned by my driving patterns - that is, to / fro the station every day (1.5 miles each way) and then some...
  12. K

    My COMAND NTG 2.5 upgrade journey

    Hi all. Let me start my long story from the beginning. Part 1 I live in South Africa and purchased a 2003 w211 a couple of years ago. I immediately wanted to upgrade the audio system to something with Bluetooth etc. the research I did led me to buying a command NTG 2.5 unit on eBay from some...
  13. D

    A Northerners Journey Into The Big Smoke

    The story begins on a cold, dark autumnal morn... As part of helping out my southern cousins that can't even afford petrol for their V8 such is the poverty south of the Watford gap, I decided to buy a C43 AMG to help a Londoner. I rise at 05.00 hours to prepare for my journey down south...
  14. 3

    W124 - My Journey

    I should be getting my Merc back from the Sprayers sometime next week and i thought i will share with your goodselves the Journey my baby has taken over the last couple of years. If you don't mind that is :thumb:
  15. matty.13

    how much longer did your journey from work take?

    just wounderd if anyone had the same trouble getting home from work as me today . my normal journey takes an hour by train , today it took 4 and a half hours and included a 4 mile walk . southeastern train are a joke . :mad:
  16. W

    Long journey, advice and opinions needed to save mental breakdown

    Hi all I drive a 2001 W210 320CDI Estate, bought in Hungary as I live in Hungary and decided to give the car its first tour trip back to the UK to see what it can do, especially on die Autobahnen :rock: However this plan was scuppered whilst as I was almost through Austria Engine...
  17. Dieselman

    Train journey home.

    Travelling home from Central London last night made me think of the journey as a whole. Over 100 miles in 1hr, 20 minutes just wafting along was quite some achievement I thought, especially as we made a couple of stops on route. It made me think of the power involved in getting the train to...
  18. BTB 500

    My train journey home

    Normally, Waterloo to Martins Heron ... 1 hour 5 mins. Tonight ... 3.5 hours. Waterloo to Staines (maybe 2/3 of the way home). Train terminates there. Get off, take train from Staines to Windsor & Eton Riverside. Get off, walk through town centre to main Windsor station. Train...
  19. M

    E200K, 2001, journey stats not resetting

    W210 engine When I start a journey the data from the previous journey is not resetting i.e. mileage, fuel consumption, journey time etc. When I hold in the R button it will zero display but I never previously had to do this - it used to happen automatically. Any ideas what could be wrong...
  20. Howard

    Comedy Journey

    Well, i have just got back from a very relaxing few days away in Lundy. But that's beside the by ... what the purpose of this post is about is to relay the hilarity i had in driving down there ..... I had the CLK430 lined up to take down , a nice jolly jaunt down the 303 to Hartland , then...
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