1. P

    Slk "judder" from rest

    Hi SLK 320 2002 35.000 miles Auto I have a "judder" which seems to come from somewhere in the drive train. It only happens for a few seconds when accelerating away from rest steadily,not slowly but not foot to the floor!, and then disappears. Gear changes seem ok. Any thoughts? Thanks
  2. E

    Judder under acceleration W164 320CDI 55 plate (06)

    Hi all, I'd appreciate your thoughts, please. My 126K ML undergoes quite a pronounced judder when gently accelerating/decelerating between about 20 - 60 mph. The tracking and alignment have been checked and all ok, as has the suspension and shocks. My local dealer suggests the problem is...
  3. lewiseyers

    w212 5 speed auto box transmission judder

    hi, i have a ex fleet car 109,000 miles e220cdi.... IS THIS A COMMON FAULT I believe the transmission oil had never changed until I did it in the last full merc service with proper merc parts and oil at 109000 miles.. heres the story I got the car at 85,000 miles, gearbox always...
  4. Wacko74

    2009 ML Judder

    Ok guys and gals, time for your expertise I've noticed from time to time when I'm stationary in traffic the car starts to judder when I've got my foot on the brake It starts off mild and gradually gets worse over say 10-seconds If I switch to park or neutral it obviously stops and if I...
  5. AndyKO

    '03 W211 E270 CDI 'Judder' gearbox advice please

    Hi guys, (Please excuse my 'lack' of technical explanation, I'm no technician) Right, I've started to notice upon driving my 270 when warmed up, especially up inclines, the car starts to 'judder'/struggle upon acceleration, easing off seems to cure it slightly. It is worse when box set...
  6. A

    Mercedes w203 c180 kompressor judder

    Hello , Recently my car has developped a light judder that last for 1-2 seconds when moving off from first gear , the car is manual. The clutch looks fine as the biting point is fine, it doesnt slip, all other gears are fine , plus car has only done 62k miles. the only thing i spotted...
  7. lfckeeper

    Wheel judder - any thing else to check

    Just had the lower ball joints replaced, now I have a 55 to 70 (ish) mph judder. Im assuming a wheel weight has fallen off during the work so going to get that checked. Anything else I should ask them to check whilst Im there?
  8. G

    C43 Full lock low speed judder

    Hello from a newbie, We have just got our second Mercedes, I talked the wife out of her Audi and into a Mercedes. We wanted to get a car with reasonable power and settled on a C43 after lots of thinking. We want to keep it for a good few years so we purchased a pre-registered car as it...
  9. John

    2008 CLS 320CDI gearbox judder.

    I have a colleague with said model and is experiencing a juddering when the car is in gear. Apparently it is very bad in reverse but quite bad in forward gears. Gets better as the car gets warmer but never goes away. Still drives OK. Car had the control unit re-flashed to sort out bad...
  10. J

    Judder when startup - diesel

    Hi All I bought a 2013 Mercedes-Benz B Class B200 CDI SE Auto a few months back and i`ve noticed recently that theres a quite a strong judder when the engine starts. Is this normal ? not sure if its the colder weather we have now or something is wrong. Thanks in advance John
  11. P

    W203 Brake Judder (HELP)

    Hello All, Pretty new to the Forum as I only got my C220cdi Sport Estate in November. It had three little niggles when I got it and two of them have been sorted. But the last one is giving me problems. As with other posts I'm getting a judder from the car when braking from motorway...
  12. L

    W205 2016MY C220d Brake Judder

    Has anybody else had issues with the new C220d when braking at 45mph plus ? The car judders as if it has excessive run out on the discs but this has been checked and they are within tolerance. Car has been back to the MB dealer twice but they have no idea what is causing the judder it has now...
  13. Jay2512

    Brake Judder

    I mentioned to the dealer last week that my GLC feels like it juddered under light braking. You cannot feel it through the pedal or in the steering but braking below 30mph the car seems as though it's rocking, even the wife noticed the on off like braking and thought I was messing around. The...
  14. R

    ML270 Problem starting up and Judder

    Hi, got a problem with my other half's Ml270 and would appreciate some help. All of a sudden couple of days ago it wouldn't start in the morning. Well it starts fine but cuts out after 4-5 seconds. I managed to get it going by taking it straight to high revs but when in low speed/idle it...
  15. J

    Vito engine judder

    Bought a 200k km Vito last week and having a weird issue Petrol/manual 638 (113) M111? Vito van, rough idle and no power/judder after coasting down long hills in neutral. Can only be cleared by switching off and restarting. Coasting with the ignition switched off now and no problem on...
  16. BIG_G_1979

    w212 e250cdi judder

    Hi guys was driving my dad's e class today on the carriageway and I noticed that when I squeezed the throttle there's a vibration once it kicks down its all normal? Car has 60k on clock perhaps transmission needs service? Thanks
  17. P

    Brake judder; solution and question

    Having replaced my front discs etc a few thousand ago I started getting brake judder when braking hard, but not when braking gently, whatever the speed. Reading around I assumed I had not cleaned the hubs enough and was pre-emptively slapping my forehead and mentally ordering new front...
  18. A

    w210 brake judder

    Hi Wonder if anyone has ever had this problem on a w210 e class320cdi? The pads and discs are fine but when braking there is a juddering? Very occasionally(once a month maybe) the abs warning light comes on but then goes on startup. Any thiughts would be appreciated Thanks Alister
  19. R

    Brake Judder when NOT braking

    After about 5 miles or so of driving, I'm getting a judder from the NS rear wheel which sounds as though the wheel is about to come off. Upon inspection the disc is red hot (as in glowing). Once 'hot' it's there all the time, whether driving or braking. I'm all set to buy new discs and pads but...
  20. thebig1

    C63 Transmission Judder

    I guys, Your thoughts on the below would be appreciated. Ever since I purchased my C63 back in December, I have had judder from the transmission everytime I set off and slow down. Its from the wet clutch and is most obvious when in traffic, as you take your foot off the brake and let the car...
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