1. M

    W211 E320cdi smoking and juddering

    I notice recently that my E320 cdi start smoking a bit. When driving and put foot down I can see smoke coming behind the car. Same when stationary. When add revs slowly up its ok but when just push and release smoke is coming out. Blackish. Its my wifes car so I dont drive very often. I notice...
  2. S

    Juddering wiper blades

    Anyone tell me how to cure juddering wiper blades on 2007 c220 w204 they are very very annoying indeed... I have new bosch blades fitted so not cheapo rubbish... The drivers side mainly flops around and causes the most noise Thanks
  3. B

    A140 Juddering at Low RPM and Loss of Power?

    Hi, I've got a 1995 A140 1.4 and recently the car has started juddering severely at low rpm. Even when i start the car something sounds seriously wrong like theirs not enough power going to the engine, the car is struggling up hill and even when i pull away from idle it's really slow but once...
  4. D

    Mercedes GLC Clonking and juddering on near full steering lock

    Mercedes GLC Clonking and juddering on near full steering lock I have had this problem since new but now the weather is cold and damp or wet the problem is much worse. I have viewed other owners concerns about this phenomena and would like to document my experience. The car has been with...
  5. G

    slight juddering

    Hi! my w221 is juddering slightly when accelerating at certain speeds sometimes. This is between 25-30mph and 55-65mph. It feels like a wheel bearing but the judder feels like from under the car and is worse when there's a full load. Anyone had this problem?
  6. Benzowner


    Didn't really know where to put this as I am unsure what is causing the juddering. So, driving back to Bristol form Southampton a couple of weeks ago, had the first experience of juddering going all through the car. Got the car home and took it to my local tyre fitters who inspected the front...
  7. Dean Fletcher

    juddering on take off

    Hi Guys, I have a e250 coupe 2009 model. I have had the car for about 6 weeks now and have noticed a juddering only in first gear and only every so often. I doesn't do it all the time. It seems to only happen when starting up a slight hill or incline. It's like the engine is going to stall but...
  8. S

    automatic gear box juddering.

    Hi, i have just bought an automatic 53 plate C200 kompressor and due to an oil leak from the gear box i had the sump gasket and filter changed plus new oil. This was 3 days ago however last night leaving work with a cold start when i put the car into drive it attempted to move off and when the...
  9. S

    Help/Advice Please - Occasional Juddering Issue on CLS 320 (2007)

    Hello All After many many years owning BMW of various descriptions (330ci, 530D Sport, few Z's) I have always had my eye on the CLS 320D. A year ago I bought a 2007 model with full Mercedes Service History and it has been a joy to own and drive. However, lately I have been getting an...
  10. M

    C220 CDI juddering when idle

    Hi, this problem has started occurring recently. If i drive from my house and then im stopped at nearby traffic lights for a minute or 2, the engine will start shaking or juddering very badly. Seems to happen only when engine is cold Normal driving seems ok. I took it to local mechanic, he...
  11. C

    CLS320 Juddering!! Please Help

    Good Afternoon My 2006 CLS320 has a judder at around 1200 rpm on really gentle acceleration when its cold. It goes away once the car is warm. I can replicate it when it is sitting in park or neutral as well by just revving it. It feels like a vibration (no weird noises) Once car is...
  12. T

    Cls 320cdi 2006 JUDDERING ???

    Hi I have a 2006 CLS 320cdi over the past few weeks I have noticed a juddering when I'm idle like at traffic lights etc now this happens on a cold start, after the car heats up it stops and is totally fine it only ever happen after the is left over night Any ideas ??
  13. esprit200

    Juddering brakes and click clacking pads

    Hello! I have a combined problem on my CLK270 CDI (2002). The car is equipped with the sport brake kit with larger calipers (4 piston?) and larger drilled discs as per CLK55. I have two problems; 1. Heavy judder under braking 2. I drive forwards and apply the brakes, I then drive in...
  14. N

    Juddering E-320CDI

    I have a problem of the car juddering for a few moments at certain speeds. It always does it as you accelerate through 40mph and sometimes (but much less often) at other speeds, for example about 20mph and occasionally at 70mph. I feel it is getting worse. The juddering is felt through the...
  15. T

    w203 juddering

    hi all have just got back from cornwall have spent the week there , lots of driving etc etc , the car has developed a judder almost like a miss fire just not as bad when pulling away up a hill accelerating up steep hills and some times accelerating from speeds say 30 to 45 mph , does not seem...
  16. sinbad

    Juddering when braking

    Hi guys, I have a 2002 C220 CDI which I have recently bought, I love it but the brakes seem to intermittently judder at differing speeds, the discs and pads look almost new, any ideas what might be the issue?
  17. O

    juddering over small holes

    can any one offer advice?mb avantgarde estate 240..2002...last set of tyres although worn perfectly wore out in less than three months,tracking and laser alignment was perfect,judders over small holes in road,suspension seems ok,no broken springs no leaking shocks....very skittish in very wet...
  18. D

    w203 2006 c180k juddering and shaking at low revs

    Hi, Last night when I was setting off home, when I started the car up it started juddering and shaking at low revs. It didn't do this on the previous journey (and it was still warm when I started it up). Its idle speed is below 1000rpm. When I set soff driving last night, it seemed ok...
  19. W

    C220 Black Death, Injector Replaced - Engine Still juddering when idling

    After a trip around Europe in my 2003 C220 CDI, injector 1 was covered in black death and juddering when idling. I put on the computer and injector 1 was faulty, so i replaced injector 1 with a recon injector with new seal, bolt and clamp. Started up and took on a drive this morning, the...
  20. sam-orr

    W202 C200 misfire and juddering

    My beloved 1998 Mercedes Benz took a supposed trip to Wisbech last weekend and following a full tank of fuel and a tire, oil and water check set off. After getting 30 miles south of Telford, we encountered a loss of power and juddering when we came to a stop at roundabouts. We decided to...
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