1. rom1

    dodo juice

    Cleaned car today with dodo juice sour power shampoo, its amazing how quick it is to use, 2 squirts to a 10 litre bucket of warm water. washed using 2 bucket method and lambs wool wash mitt. Car is tenorit grey it looked darker after using shampoo as it contains carnuba wax. dried...
  2. WDB124066

    Spilt orange juice inside car

    As per the thread title I've gone and spilt orange juice all over the passenger's seat and down onto the carpet so that it pooled on the seat and the rear floor seat mounts. I've got it in mind in the morning to remove the seat tip water onto the wet areas and suck it up with a wet & dry vacuum...
  3. rom1

    dodo juice sour power shampoo

    first time I used this this shampoo, found it to be really good, made it easier and quicker to clean car, excellent dilution ration 2 cap fulls to 8L of warm water. One thing I noticed I followed the directions used 2 buckets, rinsed and dried as per normal. Now the car looks a lot darker...
  4. highlandgordon

    clk wont change gear after juice spilt on centre console

    hello all im hoping someone might be able to help me. I drive a clk 230 (2000) and all was well until the mother in law spilt a can of juice over the centre console !! At first the car would not start, it starts now but sticks in park - i have managed to get it out of park by using a pencil in...
  5. KillerHERTZ

    Dodo Juice Tatoo

    Spotted this over on Detailing world forums... Link HERE
  6. h17n dj

    DoDO Juice

    Hi guys... Anybody on here used dodo juice on a silver C class? i got a W202 2000 Reg and was wanting to wax her up with some dodo juice just wondered which one i sshould get??? any recommendations please????? Cheers :thumb:
  7. S

    Dodo Juice Light Fantastic Wax

    As the CL is gone, I have no use for this wax (Dodo Juice Light Fantastic) as it is formulated for light coloured cars, especially silver (as the CL was). The current runabout is dark green. The effect is stunning - and while you get the odd looks when using bare hands (I know, I did not...
  8. O

    Sticky juice: C250TD

    Sometime when I floor my C250TD, the car keeps accellerating when I take my foot off, until I touch the brake! This happens sometimes even without clicking the kick-down switch under the pedal. I know the cable is connected to and electronic unit which then drives the pump, and the cable seems...
  9. grasmere

    battery revival juice - anyone tried it ?

    Just wondered if anyone has tried this stuff, battery revival fluid. Go to OMEGA 908 I've attached an information pdf file, there is another (too large to upload here) which is a display leaflet. In a nutshell " omega 908 immediately acts to restore sulphated yet mechanically sound...
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