1. mercmanuk

    mp3 jukebox software

    i'm fitting a 17" touchscreen in my lounge wall to controlle my new media center pc ive built,it'll be routed through an av receiver and the bose speakers.what jukebox software do you all recommend ,i need something with large style buttons for ease of use with the touchscreen as the musicmatch...
  2. M

    Neo Jukebox

    About a month ago I fitted a Neo Jukebox, which like many on this forum I bought from the States. In the month that I have had it I have reformatted the drive 4 times. When I speak to SSI they tell me that of the thousands sold in this country they have not experienced this problem and there...
  3. M

    Neo Jukebox

    As promised here is a report and pics of fitting the NEO Jukebox. The remote was fitted in the ashtray, I cut down the DIN unit supplied, made up a new surround and glued this onto the ashtray insert, so when it comes to selling the car I can simply buy another insert and all will be...
  4. A

    Neo MP3 Jukebox

    Anyone had any experience of these? They seem to compare very favourably pricewise with the Phatnoise/Music Keg and have the same features, while being able to interface fully with alpine headunits. I like the idea of being able to take it out of the car and plug it into a dedicated bay on...
  5. Sp!ke

    Does this look cool or what?In car MP3 Jukebox

    Well I have at least 20Gb of music and I'd love one of these for the car/home. Click here
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