1. alzieboy

    Jump Start

    The battery on the Wife's Golf is flat after standing idle for 3 weeks, can I safely jump start it from the positive negative terminals under my bonnet on my E350 Coupe, any does and donts info very welcome :thumb:
  2. S

    Making the jump

    Hi guys, Currently in a M235i, looking at a 2013 C63 PP, need some more noise in life. Anyone made the same jump ? I got left behind by a C63 estate at a drag event so I know there quick, yet to test drive one but I've got a car in mind that I'll be looking at next weekend. Anything major to...
  3. D

    Can I buy a spade terminal for the jump start connector on my 200k?

    Hi I own an 18 year old 200k which I don't use much and like to keep on trickle charge in a barn in the Winter. Rather than remove the A/C filter and battery cover I normally apply the charger crock clips to a decent ground and the positive to the 'jump start' terminal inside the red flip top...
  4. B

    w124 estate jump seat hinges

    Gents, I have just a couple of day s ago bought a S124 and have quickly fallen madly in love with it. Came with the most comprehensive service history I have ever seen (and I work in the motor trade) and has had the head gasket, timing chains, engine wiring harness, and the rear shocks, spheres...
  5. T

    W639 jump start procedure

    Is there anything in particular I need to know.? Is the battery under the drivers seat..? Should I connect straight to positive pole and then a good earth as usual..? Cheers Mike
  6. DSM10000

    Jump starting another car with my MB

    Good afternoon all. I am away from home visiting a friend whose car has a discharged battery, no battery charger available and local motor factor some distance away.Hopefully a jump start from the C320 will get it going. Would someone kindly remind me of the correct way to jump start...
  7. Scott_F

    Jump Starting - Yes or No ?

    Due to lack of use, the battery on my Jaguar XK is nearly flat and won't start the engine. There is some life there but pressing the starter button results in a weak turn of the starter motor accompanied by clicking locks, flashing lights and all sorts of messages on the dashboard. My...
  8. ringway

    Jump Start Power Pack Advice.

    After a few recent self inflicted flat battery episodes on my RR and 211 I have decided to invest in a Jump Starter. I know little about the jump starters but some offer overload or short circuit protection (for the car?) which sounds like a good idea. LINK. LINK. LINK. The batteries on...
  9. J

    Alternate way to jump mercedes S500 1999. HELP !!!!

    Hi all I tried to start my S 500 yesterday and the battery went dead all of a sudden. I am not able to switch on the ignition as well now as the key wont turn. I had just opened the boot prior to starting the car and it was fine, but I am not even able to open the boot now so that I can...
  10. E

    Jump lead points on E Class estate 1999

    Hi everyone Really silly question for all you experts, so please forgive me! I have a 1999 e200 estate. My wife has a golf which has recently been sat on the drive for a while and the battery has gone flat. I have never had to jump start my merc or the golf before, so when I tried I saw the...
  11. M

    Jump Starting R129

    The battery has gone flat on my 300 SL -24 I have heard horror stories of people jump starting them. I am thinking of disconnecting battery and then charging away from the car. Is this going to cause any potential problems. As my owners manual does seem to suggest that jump starting correctly is...
  12. grober

    FERRARI to jump ship?

    According to REUTERS Fiat Chrysler are to spin off Ferrari, with an issue of a $2.5 billion convertible bond. The newly created FCA, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles which moved its primary share listing to New York earlier this month, wants to invest 48 billion euros ($61 billion) over the next...
  13. M

    Jump point under bonnet ???

    Hi, I have a 1997 c280 w202 . Could anyone tell me where abouts under the bonnet the jump point is. As my battery is totally flat and am unable to get into boot unless I remove back seats. Thanks for your time. Mick
  14. L

    Looking to jump ship :)

    Hi guys I'm looking to move on from a life of Subaru ownership over the last few years. I have my eye on on an 08/09 c63 AMG. I'm looking for some information on this model but ill open another thread for that in the correct forum. Im Looking forward to browsing the site and getting into the...
  15. B

    R129 jump starting!!!

    Hi, I've heard that you must not jump start a r129, or else you will blow up the roof ecu! Question is, I always have a charged battery in the garage, could I use that? am I correct in understanding when they say"don't jump start a R129" they mean off of another car? Thanks in advance
  16. D

    Jump starting an R170 with a booster pack

    I've read that 'jump starting' an R170 from another vehicle can cause damage to the electronics? I'm thinking of buying a portable boost charger, which attaches to the battery terminals in much the same way, but without the necessity of another vehicle's connection. The latter's description...
  17. A

    Best way to Jump start w220 s320cdi 2002

    Hi, I have read numerous posts regarding flat batteries and the dreaded battery drain fault, unfortunately I seem to have developed the same problem. Currently my battery is totally flat I can't even turn the key in the ignition. Should I remove my battery from the car and charge it, get...
  18. S

    Might jump ship?

    I'm toying with the idea of getting an audi b5 s4, as it is an itch I've been wanting to scratch for a while. I know some of you frequent other forums and was wondering if you have any suggestion on a good audi one. If I do go for it, I would think a mapp would be in order and would like...
  19. Lenny63

    C43 - one touch windows/sunroof not working after jump start

    Hi folks The beast loves again after 6 months in storage I did everything I. Could to keep battery topped up an charged but tody she was flat I jump started it from point under bonnet (thanks to this very forum) The ESP and ABS illuminated when she started but went out as soon as I...
  20. A

    Electronic problems in E-class after jump starting

    I had an unfortunate experience yesterday with my Mercedes E (2007). I live in Belgium and I will go to the dealer on Monday, but I am writing to see if I can get some reassurance. I had not used my car for five months and the battery had died, to the extent that the doors would not open...
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