1. B

    Mercedes Vito Gearbox Jumps out of first gear

    hi there new to the forum i have a mercedes vito 6 speed manual 109 Cdi on a 2004 which jumps out of first gear. Most probably i will need a new gearbox but i have been told that the E Class E220 Cdi or C class C220 CDi gearbox is same, not quite sure on this any help would be appreciated?
  2. H

    Man who fell to Earth says Red Bull did not give him any wings.

  3. P

    C55 Auto jumps in Manual from C

    Hi all Just picked up my 'new' C55 AMG Estate from a local car dealer. Had a short test drive, basic RAC inspection, MOT etc. Love it - fantastic motor! BUT, when I have been driving around for a while, then take off from a standstill smartish, the gearbox goen spontaneously into Manual...
  4. J

    Jumps out of gear

    My manual box does not appear to be 'locked' into gear very well. When decelerating and in-gear I am able to slightly nudge the gear stick and it will pop into neutral silently. It happens without my input on one particular bump and turn near where I live, but other than that it never happens...
  5. C

    auto jumps in2 n

    1st mb hav always had bmw and hav been impresssd so far till past few days. foot down and jumped in2 n but still showing d on dash. stopped at road side shifted 2 n and then in2 d and off we go.it a c class 2006 any ideas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. E

    Air terror as man jumps at 23,000ft

    How the hell can one open the door on a plane whilst on flight? :crazy: some one wasn't doing there job! http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/95577/Air-terror-as-man-jumps-at-23-000ft
  7. J

    Passenger door lock jumps up and down like a yo-yo???

    Hello, Probably been asked this loads and loads but I cannot find the thread, I have an E320 CDI 03 plate and basically when I lock/unlock the car the passenger lock goes mad...de de de da, up down up down then locks? What part do I need to change?
  8. grober


    I am I the only one who shudders to see this questionable "sales aid" on dealers forecourts. :crazy: I refer to these almost 45 degree display ramps where a car is left sitting at steep incline for days on end. :eek: :crazy: 4x4 vehicles aside leaving a car in a position in which its...
  9. D

    W211 Trip Odometer jumps 302 miles during service

    My car was in for service Thursday/Friday. When it came out there was an additional 302 miles on the trip odometer. The main odometer had advanced 7 miles from the figure I noted when I dropped the car off and 6 from the figure the dealer had stamped in the service book. As they...
  10. grober

    Man Jumps Beemer!

    Just a little amusing video. You notice he doesnt bother to remove his glasses :cool: http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1752719/ Hope it doesn't start a new street craze.:eek:
  11. uumode

    Mods and insurance jumps?

    Purely out of curiousity, how much do mods increase insurance premiums by - alot or not much? Alloys - percentage increase? Spoilers + body kit - percentage increase? (e.g. AMG kit) Cosmetic light unit changes? Sports exhaust ? Re-chipping?
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