1. R

    M25 junction 15 hadecs speed camera

    Hi all, Just wanted to know if any of you have seen the new yellow HADECS 3 cameras hanging to the left of the overhead gantry on the M25 junction 15 heading towards Heathrow about a mile before heathrow. Has anyone been flashed here? I think I was flashed on the very early morning of 20th...
  2. Dieselman

    A very tight junction and too much speed.

    I nipped out last night to go to somewhere I had never been to before, so was following the SatNav. On the A40 I needed to turn off at Goodrich Castle. The SatNav showed the junction as a lead off from the A40, so I didn't think about slowing too much. At this point there are no...
  3. skyline pete

    stupid motorway junction...

    M60 junction 25 at Bredbury stockport loaded up in my truck coming on to motorway going anti clockwise on to M60, coming down slip road ...OMG it brings you in to lane 3 ( fast lane ) 44ton loaded at 50ish mph with 3 lanes on my inside doing 70+ mph im trying to get too lane 1 with 3 lanes...
  4. Eazi

    320 (petrol) Stall at Junction

    So the car (2001 CLK 320 Covertible Automatic) is running fine 90% of the time. But... a couple of times now, I have stopped at traffic lights or junctions and whilst stationary the refs still rock solid and stable at around 500rpm. Then, when I go to pull off, instead of the usual normal...
  5. I

    Wacked by a W202 on the M40 / M25 Junction yesterday

    Minding my own business yesterday afternoon travelling at about 70mph on the nearside lane where the M40 / M25 exit splits clockwise / anticlockwise when some eejit in the outside lane at the side of me suddenly veers left and hits the rear offside wheel / bumper area of my car sending me...
  6. W

    Why do I keep making a mess of this junction?

    coventry - Google Maps Twice in the past few weeks I've had close brushes with other cars after taking this exit. Soon after the sharp left the road becomes single carriageway to then filter on to the A45. Me always in the left lane, after the left bend I move towards the middle to then...
  7. F

    M11 - A120 Junction Speed Trap

    Got caught yesterday doing 70+mph in a 50mph :doh: O.K. - I was speeding, therefore it's my fault ............ but what a place for a speed trap! For anyone who knows the area, I was heading north up the M11 and taking the direct feed onto the A120 East bound. The feed over the M11 junction...
  8. Robbruce

    Where is the optical lead junction box?

    Someone please tell me it's driving me mad Apicture would be even better. :mad: Thanks Rob
  9. D

    Parking opposite a T junction

    I moved house recently and have noticed that there is some pretty silly parking going on. There are about 3 'T' junctions to negotiate to get to our new place and all of them have cars parked opposite (at the top of the T). It's the same people everyday and they are clearly parking outside...
  10. R

    M2 Junction 5 to 6

    Drove down the M2 today and they are installing Specs Cameras that average your speed over about 1 mile between Sittingbourne and Faversham turnoffs in both directions. In addition the Police car ramps have been rebuilt to modern standards!! Just thought you'd like to know!
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