1. C

    Hindhead Tunnel Run 28th June

    Late notice, but I've heard that tomorrow night there is a fairly large tunnel run going on along the A3, Hindhead Tunnel. It looks like a mixed marque event, run by a group called BOSS. Seems like they've gained legitimate permission from the Guildford Spectrum to hold a static show/meet...
  2. gr1nch

    Mercedes Me : new services on some existing cars from 1st June

    Just got this email today. Will be interesting to see if the services catch up with the latest E class, is from the new 2018 S Class or something else. Sent from my XT1032 using Tapatalk
  3. gigdesigns

    New Services Coming 1st June 2017 - Mercedes Me

    I've had an email come through this morning advising of an update to the Mercedes Me terms and conditions. The email states it's in response to new services available from the 1st of June. Just wondering if anybody has any details on what these services might be? I'm really hoping they're...
  4. M

    Apple MacBook Air 13.3 (June,2013) Intel Core i5 1.3GHz, 128GB SSD, 4GB

    For sale is my Apple MacBook Air 2013 model (Mid 2013 June) 13" model This model is: 13.3" Screen 128GB SSD Storage 4GB RAM QWERTY (UK) British Keyboard This laptop is in clean with minimal signs of use. It's very clean with a perfect keyboard and trackpad. No wear or shine on...
  5. J

    Madrid Thursday 23rd June

    I was driving back to UK and was to spend my first night at Hotel Area Tudanca Aranda. I was on the M30, one of several concentric routes through to the A l in the direction of Burgos. I was in the second from the right of 4 lanes when I noticed a dark blue Peugeot 405 saloon approaching my...
  6. 5

    MB Concours 18 June 2016 - these photos must be seen!

    Photos on this thread! 2016 International W124 500 Meeting - UK Edition - Page 2 Cheers Bill
  7. Mickeyj1966

    SLK Day at Brooklands 26th June 2016

    Anyone going?
  8. Scooby_Doo

    "B" Day 2nd June

    After a long 9 week wait my car's being built tomorrow. Dealer tells me that it will probably be with them in about 2 weeks. Anybody here whose had a "C" or an "E" from the Bremen factory recently know how long it took to get to the dealer ?
  9. Bryan Allman

    MB World - Sunday 5th June 11:00

    It's back to the usual routine again after a string of great events round the country. That means turn up in what you like - other marques welcome. The usual programme of meet in the car park at 11:00. Chat about cars and put the world to rights until time for coffee and the obligatory tour of...
  10. 5

    Calling W124 E500E Owners - 2016 International Meeting - 18 June 2016 MB MK

    Hey all, The 2016 E500E W124 meeting will be in the UK this year, previously being held in various locations in Europe. The event will be held at the 2016 Mercedes-Benz National Concours on 18 June 2016, starting at 9AM. A whole day of W124 500’s and everything M-B! The event is held at...
  11. MissyD

    North Weald Drag Racing Sunday 5th June 2016

    All welcome at North Weald Drag Strip, Essex, CM16 6HR on Sunday 5th June 2016. Come along to race or just spectate. Always a great day out. A few of the guys on here are going and some from MBO.
  12. sjmaxwell

    Terminal Velocity 4 - 5th June 2016

    Hi All Terminal Velocity 4 5th June 2016 RAF Woodbridge I've booked this and a few others may be coming as well. Really enjoyed the first one, was a great day out and I got a trophy! :bannana:. Thought I'd spread the word and see if anyone would be interested in attending! If...
  13. Palfrem

    BREXIT - Poll 23 June 2016

    June 23rd it is then. Just for a bit of completely unscientific amusement where do the Mercedes Party stand I wonder?
  14. Charles Morgan

    Planning an East Scotland road trip June

    I'm starting to plan a road trip to Scotland in mid June this year. The pretext being my friend Tom Cannavan's Glasgow Festival of Wine the weekend of the 11th June, but I'd like to combine it with a chance to drive my W114 coupe (or if still not ready something else) around the east coast of...
  15. DazNich

    C450 AMG coming in June 2016

    Hi I had a C63 coupe which didn't last too long (5 months), just didn't get along with it, should have bought a saloon, should have bought one with LSD, could have would have should have etc... I sometimes miss it but the replacement ticks all the boxes for me, Audi A6 BiTDi black series...
  16. Giantvanman

    Not an April Fool trick in June!

    For keeping flies away... The science behind this idea is simple; the water/coin combination throws multiple prisms of light which affects a fly's compound eyes (which they don't like) so stay away. People are reporting that it works on FB. One sceptic tested this at the entrance to her horse...
  17. T

    Wings and Wheels Wellesbourne Airfield 21st June 2015

    655 Maintenance & Preservation Society - Events Tickets £5 Vulcan XH558 will be doing a short air display.
  18. grumpyoldgit

    Driving Licence - Changes from June 8th 2015 - Reminder

    Just a reminder about the changes which come into effect from Monday. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/driving-licence-changes If you intend to, or need to hire a car you will need your full licence number NI number and postcode. Extract from local newspaper... What if I want to rent...
  19. sjmaxwell

    Bluewater GTG - 6th June 2015

    Who's up for a GTG at Bluewater on the 6th June, 8pm onwards? 1) SJMaxwell 2) 3)
  20. KillerHERTZ

    Cambridgeshire June GTG

    Getting on for a year since the last one, time for another :) Belfry Hotel Cambourne again? 1) KillerHERTZ (Karl) - CLS55 AMG
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