1. Charles Morgan

    Ginetta G20 Junior Track / Sprint / Hillclimb car

    I bought this so the apprentices and recently qualified mechanics at Project Shop could learn about competition, tuning, preparing cars for racing etc. With their move to new premises, the lovely little beast will no longer have a home. As she isn't road legal, and I can't fit in her, she has...
  2. trapperjohn

    Ashley or Junior are 'avin a laff.

    Check out the damage to the nearside - and the price. MERCEDES-BENZ C250 TD SPORT 4DR AUTO [5] - FSH - JUST BEEN SERVICED | eBay
  3. developer

    Junior Car Designer

    My youngest (14) knocked this up today during a break at school. I can see some Bentley, some SLS. I think it's pretty stylish - what say you? Bulldog Blighty
  4. proser

    AGM of Junior Football Club

    Does anybody know who the members of the club would be (ie managers and/or parents) Will be holding first AGM later this year and trying to work out who is entitled to vote for the new committee. Cheers
  5. d w124

    DW124 junior is born

    Is about time and now i have someone to talk cars (w124s):D about.My son was born sat night :bannana::bannana::bannana: and i`m a bit to over the moon at the moment.
  6. portzy

    Portzy (junior's) got a new ML.

    My son, remember the thread :D ?, has got himself a new ML. He and his missus had been looking at Lexus Hybrid's and BMW X3/5's (the shame :rolleyes: ) before we got together last October so I suggested he see sense and he has. I pretty much brokered the deal for them at MB Bradford and they...
  7. Maff

    Junior Sales Person Position...

    Hi Guys (and Gals!), Thought I'd post this here to see if it can benefit anyone directly on the forum, or if you know anyone who may be interested: In brief, our company is looking for a Junior sales person based in Maidenhead, Berks. This would involve selling our range of ISP products...
  8. glojo

    Junior Mastermind Final

    Having read the thread about a light hearted piece of entertainment (Top Gear) I wonder how many folks watched this excellent program? I love watching young children proof me wrong when I criticise the standards of todays education. :) Specialist subjects ranging from theBattle of...
  9. glojo

    Junior Mastermind

    If you ever get the chance to watch Junior Mastermind on BBC1 do NOT do it. I am one of the 'knockers' of modern educational standards, but by crikey talk about exceptions that make the rule. The children on this program are 10 - 11year olds. One little swat!! ;) (Sam)had a specialist...
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