1. Sp!ke

    Grease Junkie Garage (Ed China)

    I found out today that Ed China's garage is a normal working garage that does everyday MOT's and servicing in Bracknell. If anyone's interested - here's his website. Grease Junkie by Edd China | Garage
  2. S

    W203 bass junkie not getting my fix

    Right here goes guys/girls, my 05c270 done an install today into the boot, 2 12" subs and obviously the amp. Now I'm guessing with the boot being a steel box it's self I'm struggling to get the quality of bass into the cockpit So does anybody have any tips for letting the sound out of the...
  3. simonl

    A junkie's story.....

    Friday fun. Particularly amusing for those living north of the border...... linky to 512kB mp3 enjoy! :D :D
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