1. Y8cel

    Carbon Diffuser and K&N Filters

    Having just sold my 2013 C63 Coupe I have a BOCA Carbon Diffuser and a pair of K&N Filters (done 5k miles) Diffuser £350 Filters £50
  2. Cyclone1

    2x K&N Filters - fit CLS/E63 5.5 + others

    2x K&N Air Filters 33-2474 Only used for 400 miles. Flow better than standard and are also shallower in depth so offer less restriction in the air boxes. Fit all 5.5 Bi-Turbo engined AMG's and also some 4.7 bi turbo engined cars (E500 etc) - all 2011 onwards. Only for sale as bought a...
  3. K

    Filter K&N - CLS350CDI

    Hi all, can you help me to choose the right part for air filter K&N? Does it make sence to change original filter to air filter from K&N ??? Better fuel consumption, noise, or it is feeleble more powerfull? Thank you for help Br David
  4. Sylvo

    K&N Air filters

    Just prepping for a long trip, do K&N filters make a difference aka are they worth the money.
  5. T

    C63 k&n filters

    Thinking of fitting some k&n filters, anybody had any experience of these? Do they make any difference? I suppose they will save cost when servicing!
  6. s2oty

    CLK430 standard air filter vs K&N sport one

    So I'm going to replace the air filters on the CLK430. MB have quoted £50 for the two or should I double that and get two K&N ones? Will they really make a difference when everything else is standard? Scott
  7. bassgu

    B200 diesel and K&N Filters

    Ok, brought a B200 diesel auto, sports model, 2012 plate. I had the previous B200 on a 2009 which was like asthmatic three legged dog, so its was not quick. The new B200 isn't that bad, no hot hatch mind you, but has some poke. I read about K&N filters that you can fit yourself and the ECU is...
  8. E

    K&N air filter for C250 CDI?

    I'm debating buying a new K&N air filter for my new C250 CDI to give it a deeper sound or perhaps better sound from the front of the car. I have never had a diesel before... Will this have the usual air filter effect or perhaps not being a diesel? Thanks!
  9. Silestanix

    K&N Panel Filter for W202 (33-2703 For All Exc C43 AMG)-New+Sealed

    Hi all! I have for sale a brand new and Sealed K&N Panel Filter for fitment to all W202 Vehicles except C43 AMG. I had been pondering about fitting one so I bit the bullet and bought one from Euro Car Parts on 27/12/2014 however when I serviced my w202 on 4th Jan my present Air Filter looked...
  10. M

    K&N Filter

    Hi, 2010, E350 Coupe CDI - K&N Filter, would you bother? Any benefits?
  11. M

    K&n air filter. Is it worth?

    Hey, is it worth putting k&n reusable air filter?
  12. BIG_G_1979

    k&n air filters

    Hi guys so im considering of replacing my standard air filters with k&n ones has anyone done this? If so what do you think of them also if I do upgrade this would do away with the filter reset u need to do on star every time I change air filter as these wont need changed
  13. Pitts Pilot

    K&N air filters create a whining noise?

    I have just fitted a pair of K&N air filters to my SL350. They were a straight swap for the standard filters. Apart from hearing more easily the engine change down gears with the auto box there is a high pitched whine, almost like you hear went the wind blows very hard, when I accelerate. At...
  14. E

    K&N Filters Truth...

    Hello I really never believed about oil going into MAF sensors. Today I found this: K&N Response to Mass Air Flow Sensor Concerns Ive been using K&N Filters for 60,000 kms with no problems. Check the VIDEOS in there...
  15. John Jones Jr

    M111 K&N panel filter. Any thoughts, experience etc?

    Howdo Guys, I'm somewhat concerned the oil from the filter will contaminate the MAF. I've heard so many conflicting tales & views over the years I'm really unsure about using any oiled filter, not just K&N. Anybody, with specific experience using one on the M111 or the M111 K ,it would be...
  16. SANJP

    K&N air filter fitting on w212 e350 cdi

    Has anyone fitted these in a W212 231 E350 CDI ? I bought mine from Larkspeed labelled to fit e350cdi but on opening up the air boxes I have what looks like two sealed paper filters that are triangular / wedge in shape, totally different to the K&N replacements ? please see pictures below...
  17. astamir

    K&n style air filter

    Hi I'm thinking to buy a k&n performance air filter saw one on eBay the seller in the advert says it increases the power. Does any one knows if that's is true if so how much extra power i will get and will it fit a e class w211 cdi engines? Thanks in advance
  18. h17n dj

    W202 K&N air filter

    i bought one for my W202 C200 Elegance but put the paper one back in when sold my W202..... it is now up for grabs and covered approx 10K miles. in good condition and boxed.... sensible offers :)
  19. John

    K&N Air Filter in an E55K?

    So I learnt yesterday mine has one fitted. I don't like the idea of oil catching particulates and I prefer the OEM idea. However, before I try and eBay it, is there any compelling reason or evidence why I should stick with it (excuse the pun).
  20. Gaz74

    K&N filters, worth it?

    Having a poke around the engine bay last night, I opened up the air boxes and the filters are more dirty than I expected. They've done about 5k miles, but the amount of dust and flies was surprising. Anyway, rather than chuck in some standard paper ones, I thought about maybe dropping in a...
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