1. erdnase

    Karcher or Nilfisk

    My old Karcher has had its day. Just wondered if anybody had any recommendations. I'm thinking of buying a Nilfisk pressure washer this time.
  2. M

    Karcher under chassis cleaner

    Hi have a brand new sealed .karcher under chassis cleaner .unopened complete with corrosion protection and cleaner as recommended by aa free postage cost 70 will take £45 including free postage
  3. Dee James

    to use Karcher or not to use Karcher . . .

    Last year i purchased a Karcher jet washer and power lance to do my patio and it also came with the standard lance which i`m assuming will be fine to use on the car, should i and are there any tips on use i should be aware of? I know this probably does n`t qualify as detailing but small...
  4. P

    karcher chassis cleaner

    Anybody ever clean the chassis of their car? Saw one of these on amazon and was thinking if it was worth it. Karcher Chassis Cleaner: Amazon.co.uk: DIY & Tools
  5. Giantvanman

    Genuine Karcher angled lance £30

    Great for wheel arches, inside track of wheel rims etc. By far the cheapest price I found and was delivered first class p&p free. Karcher Underbody / Gutter Angled Spray Lance | eBay
  6. M

    Karcher question...

    Does anyone know if the inbuilt detergent holder n Karcher pressure washers is suitable for snow foam and can be mixed correctly to perform or will i need a snow foam lance and bottle? just asking before i go off and buy a lance.....!
  7. E

    Cheap Karcher for the Summer

    Hi guys, With the bad April Weather, we have managed to secure a great offer from Karcher. Current selling price is £302.38 however we are able to offer these to forum members for £189.99 - thats a further 5% off our promotional price of £199.99 Im told by our buying team, this is the...
  8. R

    Karcher Car Chassis Cleaner - Any good?

    I was thinking of buying one of these to clean the underside of my car. It is a bit expensive but I was wondering if anyone has bought one or heard any good reviews about it. http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B006ZLET9Q/?tag=amazon0e9db-21
  9. Harrythedog

    Water delivery on a K'Archer

    Has anybody ever used a water tank with a delivery hose dropped in and connected to the pressure washer. Does this work good enopugh to supply a powerfull enough feed to the washer. Any advice taken
  10. Dave Richardson

    Karcher Vario Lance

    I have a brand new & unused Karcher variolance cleaning attachment for sale. Suitable for use on Karcher K models e mail me at richardson.d6@sky.com for photo's. I'll sell for £10 + £4 postage
  11. Dave Richardson

    Karcher T200 Racer attachment

    I have a brand new & unused Karcher T200 patio cleaning attachment for sale, comes complete with 1 mtr extension pole. Suitable for use on Karcher K models e mail me at richardson.d6@sky.com for photo's. I'll sell for £25 + £5 postage
  12. A

    karcher pressure washers

    any advice on best models for house and car please
  13. mercmanuk

    Another karcher bites the dust

    my karcher seems to have developt a fault,worked fine the last time i used it ,tried it today and it pulsing on and off,then after say 10 pulses or 15 seconds it works fine for a minute then starts to pulse again.theres no kinks in the water supply hose any ideas what the fault may be!
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