1. D

    Harmon Kardon , worth it?

    Good Morning , i have been a lurker for the last few months, i have now sold my 135i and i'm on the hunt for a c63 coupe. It is worth waiting for an example with the Harmon Kardon upgrade , is it much much better than the standard system?
  2. R

    Harman kardon quite

    Hi all Just got a c220 Dci on a 55 plate and the Harman kardon radio/cd player seems quite and loads of treble ! Turned up the base to max and the treble down to min, any ideas please. Thanks for your time Kind regards Bill Oh not got the manual !
  3. C

    Harmon Kardon

    Hi Everyone, New to MB coming from Jag :cool: Just bought a new E220 with the Harmon Kardon audio. Adjusted the equalizer settings with full bass but find that the subwoofer is rather weak - not much bass. Interested in others thoughts. Thanks (I can't add my car details to the post - have tried)
  4. A

    Central speaker harman kardon w211

    Hi is anybody know where to buy a central speaker harman kardon to w211 ?
  5. R

    harman kardon to ntg2.5

    hi i had a harman kardon system on my 2006 r class as it broke i bought a ntg2.5 hdd dvd comand. problem is every thing is working but no sound from the speakers, any body can help me to resolve please
  6. MoAMG

    Improving Harmon Kardon System

    As you may know, I've recently taken delivery of my new CLS63. The car comes with the HK sound system as standard. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of turning down the B&O upgrade because boy does this HK system sound crap! The treble and mid range aren't too bad but the bass and the lower...
  7. U

    harmon kardon C55 amp upgrade project

    I did say i wasn't going to do it.. but looks like i will be. Need some info on the standard harmon kardon amp in a C55AMG, is it possible to by pass this and use after market amps.. or would i have to use a in line converter? I will be keeping the Command in the car as i do not want to...
  8. M

    Retro fitting W221 splitview screen and harman kardon entertainment

    Hi peeps. Is it possible to retrofit the Harman Kardon entertainment to my car. One of my friends is selling his car and has asked if I wanted to swap the system over. Is this possible. He has a 2010 S500 with the splitview Command and rear seat entertainment. Mines is a 2011 s350...
  9. S

    W212 W207 W204 Rear shelf removal to access HK Sub

    Hi, Has anyone removed the rear shelf on their e class / c class they look like a very similar design. My rear shelf has the rattle caused by the HK sub. I know a lot of people have taken them back to the dealers to have the rear shelf area packed with dynamat/ sound insulation to prevent the...
  10. Pitts Pilot

    Harman Kardon Hi-fi For Sale

    Hi I've had 'Comand Online' professionally remove the Harman Kardon Kit from my SL and it is now on fleebay if you're interested. It is all in excellent working order, with a known history, and removed by professionals, so ready to install in to your vehicle - of which it fits several...
  11. M

    Bose or Harman Kardon?

    Hey, The sound in my clk 08 reg is amazing, was wondering what make of speakers Bose or Harman Kardon?
  12. E270 Owner

    Parrot Harmon Kardon interface lead

    SOT-922 Mercedes Benz ISO Parrot Adaptor Cable | eBay
  13. M

    Retrofit Harman Kardon - enabling Logic 7 NTG4

    The car came with APS 50. Retrofitted Comand NTG4. Did not get any codes with the unit and it did not require code either after install. I am now going to retrofit H/K sound system in car, and was wondering how to enable the logic 7 on/off option in Comand?

    Harmon Kardon, or perhaps not.

    Hi all, I have just been looking at the build spec for my vehicle, amongst others it states....Harmon Kardon Logic 7 surround sound system. The question is ' How do I know whether I have the system or not'? the front speaker covers are marked 'Bose' the CD changer in the boot is just marked MB...
  15. Alfie

    Retrofitted Harman Kardon

    I have at last finished the retrofit of Harman Kardon to my B class. Its not a quick or easy job by any means but after much trim removal its done. Total strip out of the rear of the car and run the loom to each door, new rear quarter panels, new amp, fibre, looms, all door panels off...
  16. DominoD7

    CLS W219 Audio / Harman Kardon quality

    Hello All, Long time reader, first time poster...... I have finally managed to get myself in a position to buy my first mercedes. (i Can't wait) and am currently in the market for a facelift Cls- maybe a grand edition if the price is right. I am waiting for one to appear with my desired spec...
  17. BenzedUP

    Harmon Kardon Speaker

    Hi Guys, The front bottom Passenger side door speaker is crackling when I turn up the volume and it's very annoying, it was like that when I bought the car last year but it’ got worse... I got a quote from MB for £140 Inc fitting, the part is £70.20 which is the H/K, I’ve already paid for...
  18. A

    External Hard drives and Harmon Kardon Drive and Play All new Boxed

    Having a sort out, Will probably find more stuff for now I've these drives and the H/K Unit. The H/K unit has been taken out of box to look at and also includes the FM transmitter lead that was extra at the time. USB external 500GB WD Silver USB 3 (£36 posted) USB external 500GB WD...
  19. 10EDD

    Harman Kardon - worthwhile upgrade?

    I'm curious as to others opinions regarding the Harman Kardon stereo upgrade and if people feel it represents a significant improvement in sound quality. Having recently taken delivery of the first Mercedes I've thought I'd tick this option box on I am left distictly underwhelmed and struggle...
  20. R

    C Coupe Standard Audio vs Haron Kardon

    I sat in the new C Coupe (to try various connectivity options with the dealer) Windows Phone 7 Bluetooth to COMMAND worked via BlueTooth and Cable MP3 player worked via cable USB Stick worked plugged in iPod Nano worked via cable So I was pleasantly surprised everything seems to work...
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