1. 219

    Instant Karma

    I had an amusing moment on the road last night :D Having been over at my mum's I was on my way home , in the SL , and was about to join the M9 northbound at Earl's Gate roundabout in Grangemouth . Immediately before the motorway on ramp , there's an exit from a petrol station/McDonalds and...
  2. trapperjohn

    Forum Courier Service. Karma.

    Well what a very small world and nice one too. So three years ago(ish) I answered a request from the forum to pick up an exhaust from Blackburn, Lancashire (a lot more than 4000 holes in the roads now) and deliver it to Benz on the Green for a forum buddy. It was a big old exhaust as I...
  3. Giantvanman

    Karma or revenge is sweet?

    You decide.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDhGVIX2Zx0
  4. brucemillar

    Can a house give out bad karma?

    You need to read the whole article to understand my question. Cross Cottages, the Fawkham farmhouse tainted by memories of Angela Johnstone's murder, has been demolished 28 March 2016 by Tom Acres [email protected] A farmhouse left empty since a man was jailed for murdering...
  5. ash59fifty-uk

    Road rage karma: B Class

    From MBworld, unfortunate karma :eek: I know this wouldn't happen to us good folk, we know to take the gear out of drive! ~ http://youtu.be/nA2I86GHPiU
  6. Stratman


    Rapist may have contracted HIV from victim What's the betting there'll be a rush of m'learned friends wanting to get him compensation?
  7. R

    Fisker Karma...

    ...I like this: 2012 Fisker Karma | Overview and Karma Features
  8. Ted

    Some Karma to cheer you up on a Friday

    Wheel clampers
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